Some news coming from our crazy world. and my usual big mouthed commentary lol.

ISIS and such groups are just complete and total evil, just awful!This is so heartbreaking!
“They Have a List of Egyptian Christians – When It’s Your Turn They Come to Kill You”

More outrageous behavior by Turkey, ! Why would they do this, and not even say why?
US aid group to Syria shut down in Turkey with no reason given

An interesting article about Turkey, and how it’s not seemingly too happy with several nations in the international community these days. Germany being the big one currently, but not limited to them.
Erdogan’s domestic agenda leaves Turkey facing new foreign crises

More on Turkey. I’ve read a lot about this on social media in the last couple of months. Now is an article here about it. How awful! Sounds like that is not a very good situation! Coming from our Democratic NATO ally Turkey?
Turkey gov’t systematically jails women in persecution of critics

When you want to go through your computer and beat some people, knock them off of there high horse! That is how I feel when I read some things, and this is one of them!
Fearing Destitution and Death, Turkey’s Kurds Plead With Lawless Courts

Yes a chilling story alright! How awful! Many of these women will never be right after what they’ve been through! There are no words!
The Chilling Story Of An 18-Year-Old Former ISIS Sex Slave Whose Legs Were Almost Amputated For Trying To Escape

Okay enough out of me, it’s late here. I didn’t spend too much time at the computer today, had a bit of a busy one. So that’s all for this one.

Author: Vicki Andrada

I live in Tampa Florida with my beautiful guide dog goldador Hairy-cane (we call him Hairy generally). Hairy was born April 14th 2013. He comes from South Eastern Guide dogs in Palmetto Florida. I got him on February 17th 2015! A day I will never forget! I also have a kitty cat named Flor (Flower in Spanish) She was named when I got her. She's a tortoiseshell calico. I've had Flor kitty since she was 5 months old. She was born on September 11th 2011. I am visually impaired. I see only light and shadows. It's been this way from birth. I love MLB baseball, and NFL football. Baseball being my absolute favorite! My favorite baseball teams are the Detroit Tigers! And the Tampa Bay Rays! In the National league my favorite is the Colorado Rockies! In football my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers! I also like the Indianapolis Colts quite a lot! I love music, I love to listen to it, I love to sing! My favorite type of music is 80s light rock! I love to swim, although I don't get the chance to do so often like I use to. When I'm in Michigan, I love going out on dad's boat and just being on the water, fishing, or swimming off of the boat. I haven't gotten the chance since living in Florida to go out on the water here yet. That's a bit about me.

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