A little round of news with my commentary

Glad the UN is coming out with this, but the international community needs to do more!
U.N. Accuses Turkey of Killing Hundreds of Kurds

This is one of my want to go through the computer and beat some people moments!
This is Sur, once a jewel of Kurdistan and listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site This video was posted on facebook. So you can have more of an idea of it’s content to decide if you want to see it (which I personally recommend you do) I will post the thing written on facebook about it here. I did not write this, this is from this person’s facebook page.
“This is Sur, once a jewel of Kurdistan and listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The UN now accuses Turkish security forces of committing serious abuses, including torture, destruction, abuse and murder during operations against Kurdish militants in southeast Turkey.
This footage inside Sur was filmed illegally and secretly yet we must continue to break the silence. The UN will show the world what happened in Kurdistan and we must support them by providing as much evidence as we can.”

Wow! This talks about women in Turkey. It’s from the blog of a journalist in Turkey Nick Ashdown. I sure learned a lot here! I can’t imagine all this! I mean as an American, it’s unfathomable to me to imagine living like this!
Violence Against Women in Turkey

This is not the first place I’ve read accusations of Turkey helping ISIS!
EXCLUSIVE: High-level Turkish whistleblower reveals state sponsorship of ISIS

I read a couple of weeks ago they were going to be voting on this. This is just wrong! Things like this make me wonder if many in the Israeli government just want to continue to alienate Palestinians! Like a ha ha to them, we’re Israel and we can do what we want! Ugh! This makes me mad! They’ve had the call to prayer for years and years here, why stop it now!
Jordan: Banning Muslim call to prayer violates peace treaty

enough out of me. I hope all are having a great weekend where ever you are!

Author: Vicki Andrada

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