Misconceptions about Islam?

This post is going to be separate from the news post I’m putting together for today. It’s some articles on Islam I found browsing the web. So here is the first one. I think this one is very important and I wish more Americans would see it! Not just Americans of course, all people that know little about Islam, and like most only know what they’re hearing about it from a non Muslim media.

When I first became Muslim, I was told by a Muslima (a Muslim woman) that Muslims believe that if you leave the faith you should be killed. I have wondered about this for a long time because I’ve never seen it in Quran, but I am certainly far from a Quranic scholar. So I thought, well she must be right. At the time I met her, she had been Muslim for 7 years, so I figured, she had to know more than I. Well, I do believe she told me what she had herself been taught. It is taught to many. But this article explains it so well! Like Christianity you have people that pervert the religion. It is likely true for all faiths, as we humans seem to mess it all up! We’re real good at that lol. If we seek we find, if we don’t believe the stuff put out to us without doing our own research and our own thinking, we’ll stay ignorant to so many things!
Does the Koran Endorse Apostasy Laws?

This one tells a lot about ISIS that I’ve heard a little, but mostly our media does not portray it anywhere like this! But I believe it to be true, and this is also total recommended reading!
The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS

That is all for now on this one, but I just wanted to put these in here separate. I think these 2 articles are very good, and worth reading! They’re things important for Muslims to know yes, because I think some are being mislead, but, it’s important for non Muslims to know as well, as there is so much misinformation about Islam out there!

Author: Vicki Andrada

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