Some articles that sure enlightened me!

Go Kurdish women! They got it right!
YJA-Star guerrillas in Kirkuk celebrate March 8 (women’s day)

I never believed they had. It is not consistent with how they do things! I’m glad the UN confirmed this!
A UN report refutes ethnic cleansing claims against SDF and YPG

This is so awesome! Such a lack of basic Human rights by the Syrian Government that wouldn’t let them! Now they can! Just think, a government that won’t even let you wear your own traditional ethnic clothes, and speak your own language! This has so been the story for the Kurdish people for far too long! That’s why I so love this story!
Syria’s Kurds hit catwalk to promote traditional attire

The poor Syrian people! The Rebels stink, the government, just ugh!
Syria a ‘torture-chamber’, U.N. says

And, this is absolutely no surprise! I believe Assad won’t stop bombing until he takes back the entire country if he can, and, as long as he does that, there gonna keep fighting him for the country. What a mess! Poor Syria!
Russian-backed Syria talks derailed as rebels boycott

This article I found interesting. Good questions, why would Assad release these people? Has he backed such groups when it’s been in his interest to do so?
Four jihadists, one prison: all released by Assad and all now dead

Wow, this sounds so bleak! Not much else I can say about it, just so bleak, and quite nasty! There are 2 parts to this article, you’ll have to click on part 2 at the end of this article to read all of this.
Assad Power Slips in Syria as Warlords Grow More Powerful

Yes! They’re weeding out them ISIS rats! May God protect them!
Wrath of Euphrates spokeswoman: Raqqa is now isolated

This is disappointing knowing they did this. The Assad government kept saying the rebels were cutting off the water, when it was them all along! Well, a good way to try to turn the population against the rebels, while at the same time helping them get that area back with the bombs. Would I put it passed the rebel groups that held Wadi Barada at that time to do something like this? Sure I can see them doing that. But the evidence shows they did not, that the Assad regime did it! I realize that in time of war sometimes there will be collateral damage, air strikes and bombs are going to kill people, but to purposely bomb that spring, then blame it on rebels? That is just unconscionable!
Syrian air force ‘purposely’ targeted water supplies in Wadi Barada: UN

Al-Qaeda getting stronger in Syria? That’s quite scary from where I sit!
Al Qaeda Is Starting to Swallow the Syrian Opposition

Sorry to say, but I believe Obama was an awful foreign policy president! In this area the man simply stunk! I have some opinions on why he did what he did, I believe the man feared war so much, he wanted to be noted as a peace maker. I just don’t think he was a very strong president, sorry. And I’ll admittedly tell you, I voted for the man both times. I just felt the alternatives were unacceptable to me. So I voted for him, and if I had to do it over knowing what I know now, I’d likely do the same. But still, he was what he was, and I just think he did great damage with some of his inaction. I’ve gone against some things we’ve done as a nation. I have disagreed with much of my government’s imperial actions internationally. However, we are the most powerful nation in the world, and sometimes weather I like it or not, we need to act like it! Obama just didn’t do that. This article explains so well what I believe went on with president Obama.
Reassessing Obama’s Legacy of Restraint

Before I go on I think it’s important I stop here and say that I was opposed to the war on Iraq. I still believe it was a colossal mistake for that entire region! We stirred it up so badly, ugh! I believe many of the issues Syria is facing today is a result of the war in Iraq. Not entirely, no I don’t believe the US is powerful enough to do all of that on it’s own, although many may want to believe it is. But I do believe it did greatly affect the situation in the entire region, and unfortunately likely the consequences of it will reverberate for years to come.

I also was for pulling out of Iraq. I believed the war was wrong, so we should get out! However, I am not one to claim I’m always right, in fact far from it now. I now disagree with my at that time assessment we should do the rush out thing on Iraq. Yes, we had to go at some point. Scaling back slowly maybe yes, but we basically abandoned the people of Iraq at a time where they were still rebuilding. Just think, had we left Europe 8 years after World War II? Of course we didn’t, we were fighting the Soviets, and wouldn’t have dreamed of such an action. So I realize I was misguided by emotion at that time, or think I was anyway’s. I mean, heinsight is often 20 20, but is it? I mean, I could be wrong, maybe the US couldn’t’ have made a difference, but I think they should have tried harder, and just a little longer. I want Iraq to be there own nation. I wouldn’t want them to be occupied by any foreign power for too long. But, if it would have helped them be a better nation later, yeah. but what do I know lol.

Most of those women and girls will likely never be right after all that they’ve gone through! There are no words!
Freed from ISIS, Yazidi Women Remain Trapped by Trauma

Glad we’re supporting them now, now our government needs to give them what they need to fight IS.
Exclusive: AMN Interview With The Kurdish YPG’s 2nd Highest Official, Redur Khalil & His Message To President Trump

Some of these articles in this really educated me, let me tell you! Hopefully it does you, too!

Author: Vicki Andrada

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