Some news, Kurds and Newroz celebrations, genital mutilation, and stuff.

Newroz is an important holiday for the Kurds. This is a little description of it and what it’s all about, why the Kurds celebrate it and all.
Kurdish Newroz

Hopefully not! It makes me sad any Kurd would ever be on the side of Turkey! The last nation that cares for Kurds, in fact the Turks would likely rather see all the Kurds die off. Likely if they could get away with such a thing they’d do it. I mean the Turkish government, I do not mean this directed at all Turks, of course not!
Barzani vs. PKK: A Recipe for Kurdistan’s Second Civil War?

Hopefully there will be no trouble with ISIS or anyone else!
Syrian Kurdish police fears ISIS attacks during Newroz celebrations

More on the Kurdish struggle.
PKK commander warns Turkish interior minister over intensification in fighting

I know the Turks were just fuming about this!
Kurdish demonstrators in Germany protest against Erdogan

This article is a few years old, but this still goes on, it’s still quite relevant. It’s so sick! I just don’t, just wow! I don’t get it, it’s just awful!
Female Genital Mutilation: As the ‘cutting season’ approaches, end the silence

I think this is a good thing!
U.S.-allied Kurds strike deal with Russia in Syria-Kurdish militia

And it won’t be! This referendum is designed to make erdogan the Dictator of Turkey! He will get his yes whatever it takes!
EU report casts doubt on ‘legitimacy’ of Turkish referendum

Author: Vicki Andrada

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