How I write using my iPhone as a visually impaired person.

I’m spending time over at a good friends place right now. We live in the same apartment complex. We’re listening to the World Series. For those that may not know, this is baseball’s end season championship. I’m a big MLB baseball fan. MLB stands for Major League Baseball. I thought I’d explain that for those that may not know.
My favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers followed by the Tampa bay Rays, and in the national league the Colorado Rockies.
In this year’s World Series is the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros. I must say, I’m rooting for the Astros in this one. We’ll have to see what happens. It’s the best of 7, and the Astros lead the series 2 to 1. If the Dodgers could win tonight, they could tie up the series, so hopefully the Astros can win this one.
I thought I’d write this post here, on my iPhone. I’m slower writing on here, I’m quite a bit faster on the computer. So this is good practice for me. I am writing this using an app called MBraille. Using this app I’m able to text people and write things in apps like word press in braille and the app puts it in regular text for y’all to read. But this way I can write in a way I’ve known since a child. It’s real neat! I love my apple products! They’re the best at making things accessible for the visually impaired, and people with other disabilities.
I actually had to get use to writing in braille again, doing it on the phone is quite different than doing it on a braille writer. And over the last 20 years I’ve nearly exclusively written on a computer keyboard, same way as you all do. I started learning to type in the 4th grade. I also write for mostly sited folks, so didn’t need to write in braille. If I email a blind person their screen reading software reads it for them. So strangely enough I am much faster at writing on the computer keyboard than in braille. When I was younger and in school, this was not the case. Back then I was far faster in braille, because then I did it more. In high school I would begin to write some papers on the apple 2 E computer I had then. But when My grandma bought me my first PC computer in 1997, it opened up a whole new world for me. I’ll write in another post sometime what it’s done for me and what all it made possible for me to do that I couldn’t before I had a computer that could get on the internet.
This one isn’t going so well, the Dodgers are winning 6-1 and we’re going to the bottom of the 9th.
Well I’ll close this for now. I can tell I didn’t write this as good as on the computer, but close. I could edit it later, but it’s good enough, and y’all can see how I write on the iPhone.

Well I lied, I did edit it a tad. A few things I just had to edit once I got home lol. But I did fairly well, I only had to fix a few things. And the Dodgers did win that game 6-1.

Author: Vicki Andrada

I live in Tampa Florida with my beautiful guide dog goldador Hairy-cane (we call him Hairy generally). Hairy was born April 14th 2013. He comes from South Eastern Guide dogs in Palmetto Florida. I got him on February 17th 2015! A day I will never forget! I also have a kitty cat named Flor (Flower in Spanish) She was named when I got her. She's a tortoiseshell calico. I've had Flor kitty since she was 5 months old. She was born on September 11th 2011. I am visually impaired. I see only light and shadows. It's been this way from birth. I love MLB baseball, and NFL football. Baseball being my absolute favorite! My favorite baseball teams are the Detroit Tigers! And the Tampa Bay Rays! In the National league my favorite is the Colorado Rockies! In football my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers! I also like the Indianapolis Colts quite a lot! I love music, I love to listen to it, I love to sing! My favorite type of music is 80s light rock! I love to swim, although I don't get the chance to do so often like I use to. When I'm in Michigan, I love going out on dad's boat and just being on the water, fishing, or swimming off of the boat. I haven't gotten the chance since living in Florida to go out on the water here yet. That's a bit about me.

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