Some news for today and my comments. Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey

Another excellent article by Abdullah Bozkurt About US Turkey cooperation in law enforcement, like terrorism stuff and such. [OPINION] Rupture in US Turkey cooperation on law enforcement

Erdogan is destroying lives in Turkey. Cases like this that are so sad! I’ll post them when I see them, as I believe the world needs to know. My heart and prayers go out to these people suffering in Turkish prisons unjustly. Turkish Page Designer, Artist Babür Boysal Faces Over 20-Year Jail Over Baseless Complaint 

Journalists just doing there job getting arrested in Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkish journalist Ufuk Şanlı in jail for his tweet about pro-gov’t businessman 

More purges in Turkey. Erdogan obviously wants only his staunchest allies in positions of power in his Turkey. things getting more and more oppressive in Turkey by the day. Very tragic. Turkish Mayor Says Forced to Quit After Threats to Family

Erdogan carrying out his plan to get rid of all opposition in Turkey. CHP: 12 journalists detained, 4 arrested, 11 imprisoned in Turkey in October

Imagine you are locked up in solitary confinement for a year, they won’t even le you read a book! This is happening to so many people in Turkey these days, and for some it is driving them crazy, probably literally. There are no words. I know I can’t imagine it and how awful it would be. Jailed judge in solitary confinement in Turkey facing severe psychological problems

This is a town being destroyed by the Turks. You can read about it at this site. But it is a historical place, been around for a very long time. Sad to see this is continuing to go on. Destruction Accelerates in Hasankeyf and the Tigris Basin

The poor people of Syria. They’ve been through more than any people should ever have to endure in these last over 6 years. Sadly they’ll probably never find most of these people. Where are Raqqa’s missing? Families of thousands captured by Isil on a mission to find out their fate

It makes me so sad reading about Southern Kurdistan these days. Massoud Barzani had a real close relationship with Turkey when he was president of the KRG. Now Turkey is doing what shouldn’t be shocking to anyone knowing history and turned on the Kurds. Erdogan has worked with these people to get oil from them, and gain favor with some of the Kurdish voters in past Turkish elections. Oh and we can’t forget, to use the kurds of southern Kurdistan against the PKK. But he is quite anti Kurd, and hard telling if they’ll rekindle this relationship they once had with the KRG in the foreseeable future or not. This article explains some on it. Ankara still frosty toward KRG as Barzani exits

This happened in southern Kurdistan as well. How sad. How terrifying and awful for his family! Kurdish cameraman knifed to death in Daquq, Kirkuk

I hate to see Kurds fighting one another like this. But the want to keep power for some of these Kurdish politicians in southern Kurdistan drives them to not do what’s good for Kurds, and instead do what’s good for themselves I suppose. So sad, and this poor guy! LAWMAKER SAYS HE WAS TORTURED BY GROUP INSIDE KURDISTAN PARLIAMENT

I so admire these people. They didn’t have to risk there lives to fight them, but they put their lives on the line (some of them losing there lives) to fight and stop ISIS. Inside the lives of civilian volunteers fighting Islamic State

Well, that’ll be it for now. These are some things I saw today that I thought were interesting, and decided to give my 2 scents on lol.

Author: Vicki Andrada

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