Some personal tidbits, the world series and stuff.

tonight a good friend of mine and I listened to the world series. I subscribe to MLB’s game day audio every season. We could have watched it on fox, but I prefer the radio feeds, as they describe things better. However, fox ain’t bad either. I had it on the Astros feed, as I was rooting for them to win it all. I usually pick a team every year even if my teams aren’t in it. It depends on just who captures my heart that play off time, and the Astros did it for me. They’d never won one, so I was rooting for them. I guess that was why, or mainly why. Also after all Houston went through in Hurricane Harvey, well it’s neat for them the home team won it all! So the Astros finely win a world series I know it has to stink for Dodgers fans, though. So baseball is over until next spring.

Tonight we had 5 Guys. I ordered it from Uber Eats. It was delicious! It was our first time trying it. I had the little cheese burger and a small fry.

I played around with my blog tonight. I changed how it’s displayed and wrote a welcome page. I hope it looks okay. Or at least I hope it looks organized. I didn’t want the about page on the front page really.

It is way Late, I do need to get into bed! I tend to be a night owl and I don’t really like that.

So a few personal notes for y’all today. I didn’t want to mix that in with the news stuff. You all  take care!

Author: Vicki Andrada

I live in Tampa Florida with my beautiful guide dog goldador Hairy-cane (we call him Hairy generally). Hairy was born April 14th 2013. He comes from South Eastern Guide dogs in Palmetto Florida. I got him on February 17th 2015! A day I will never forget! I also have a kitty cat named Flor (Flower in Spanish) She was named when I got her. She's a tortoiseshell calico. I've had Flor kitty since she was 5 months old. She was born on September 11th 2011. I am visually impaired. I see only light and shadows. It's been this way from birth. I love MLB baseball, and NFL football. Baseball being my absolute favorite! My favorite baseball teams are the Detroit Tigers! And the Tampa Bay Rays! In the National league my favorite is the Colorado Rockies! In football my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers! I also like the Indianapolis Colts quite a lot! I love music, I love to listen to it, I love to sing! My favorite type of music is 80s light rock! I love to swim, although I don't get the chance to do so often like I use to. When I'm in Michigan, I love going out on dad's boat and just being on the water, fishing, or swimming off of the boat. I haven't gotten the chance since living in Florida to go out on the water here yet. That's a bit about me.

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