About this blog

Why I write this blog? . Well, where to start?

I am a big current events buff. I pay attention to those things, and have strong views on much of  it. A lot of it is not pro US, so if you are very pro United States government, this may not be the  blog for you to read, unless of course you like to get mad lol. Not that I hate my government, and  I certainly don’t hate my people. I love my people, I am an American, it is the place God chose for  me to be born in. My loved ones and friends are here, and culturally I am American through and  through. So no, I don’t hate my people, that would be just crazy lol! In fact I hate no people’s. I  don’t care about race or how one was brought up, or religion. I may disagree with someone’s  religion, as that’s an ideology, but it doesn’t change that they’re people too. So even if I  disagree with someone’s faith or views, doesn’t mean I think there lesser people. I’m not to judge,  that’s for God in my view. I believe I should tell people what I think is right if it comes up, but  not preach! I don’t think that’s right, or helpful. I have friends and family that are deep right,  and deep left in there thinking, and love them even if some of there views may exasperate me lol!

Back to US foreign policy. , I disagree with the way in which much of our government’s foreign  policy is conducted. That doesn’t mean of course that at times I won’t agree with them, at times I  do, but often not lol.

I love the Middle East, have since I was a pretty young girl. So most of my life. Not sure why, but  I just have a thing for that part of the world. So, I will likely put a lot in about that and  comment on the events going on their. I love and am very interested in all of the Middle East, but  I really feel deeply for the Kurdish people and there cause. So you’ll read a whole lot about them in this blog I am sure.

I also think it’s important to put as much information out there as possible, because I think a lot of  Americans have a deep lack of understanding of that region of the world. It’s a lot different  culturally than here, and pretty far away. I also believe that getting information to as many people as you can  makes a huge difference. One person at a time. If you can just help one person understand to learn truths that change lives, than maybe that person pushes for change, then you’re getting somewhere.

I’m no expert, there are people out there that are, and  know far more than I, so you’ll see articles and comments from my prospective, but I’m no expert. I  have a deep interest in it, have for years, and I was Muslim for 6 years so I feel deeply for the  Muslim people, but that’s not just it, I felt for those people long before I became Muslim.

I activized against the sanctions on Iraq for years, and at the start of that, yeah I wasn’t  Muslim. In fact for a good part of those years I wasn’t. I didn’t become until 2001, and had been  speaking out against sanctions on Iraq for a few years before I did. I’ve written a post that  explains this before I upgraded my site, so if it’s gone since I went to the paid site, I’ll have  to put it back.
I went away from it for a time, but my beliefs are Islamic. That is in the post I just mentioned,  explaining all of this. But this is to tell you what my blog is about, not to go into all that.

I will sometimes mention domestics, but that’s not my thing as much as foreign stuff is, so you’ll  see not much of that.
I’ll also write about some of my life. So this’ll be a hodgepodge I guess you could say. I mean,  just things that are important to me I want to write about. Heck, I’ll even mention Baseball and  Football at times, they’re the sports I love!

I will also mention disabled issues now and then I am sure. I’m blind,and know people with other  disabilities, so when I have things to write about, articles to post, or am simply writing about  blindness or disability related issues so y’all can maybe see that through my eyes, I’ll write  about it.

So this is my world for you! Let’s see what journey this takes us on!