Some news for today and my comments. Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey

Another excellent article by Abdullah Bozkurt About US Turkey cooperation in law enforcement, like terrorism stuff and such. [OPINION] Rupture in US Turkey cooperation on law enforcement

Erdogan is destroying lives in Turkey. Cases like this that are so sad! I’ll post them when I see them, as I believe the world needs to know. My heart and prayers go out to these people suffering in Turkish prisons unjustly. Turkish Page Designer, Artist Babür Boysal Faces Over 20-Year Jail Over Baseless Complaint 

Journalists just doing there job getting arrested in Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkish journalist Ufuk Şanlı in jail for his tweet about pro-gov’t businessman 

More purges in Turkey. Erdogan obviously wants only his staunchest allies in positions of power in his Turkey. things getting more and more oppressive in Turkey by the day. Very tragic. Turkish Mayor Says Forced to Quit After Threats to Family

Erdogan carrying out his plan to get rid of all opposition in Turkey. CHP: 12 journalists detained, 4 arrested, 11 imprisoned in Turkey in October

Imagine you are locked up in solitary confinement for a year, they won’t even le you read a book! This is happening to so many people in Turkey these days, and for some it is driving them crazy, probably literally. There are no words. I know I can’t imagine it and how awful it would be. Jailed judge in solitary confinement in Turkey facing severe psychological problems

This is a town being destroyed by the Turks. You can read about it at this site. But it is a historical place, been around for a very long time. Sad to see this is continuing to go on. Destruction Accelerates in Hasankeyf and the Tigris Basin

The poor people of Syria. They’ve been through more than any people should ever have to endure in these last over 6 years. Sadly they’ll probably never find most of these people. Where are Raqqa’s missing? Families of thousands captured by Isil on a mission to find out their fate

It makes me so sad reading about Southern Kurdistan these days. Massoud Barzani had a real close relationship with Turkey when he was president of the KRG. Now Turkey is doing what shouldn’t be shocking to anyone knowing history and turned on the Kurds. Erdogan has worked with these people to get oil from them, and gain favor with some of the Kurdish voters in past Turkish elections. Oh and we can’t forget, to use the kurds of southern Kurdistan against the PKK. But he is quite anti Kurd, and hard telling if they’ll rekindle this relationship they once had with the KRG in the foreseeable future or not. This article explains some on it. Ankara still frosty toward KRG as Barzani exits

This happened in southern Kurdistan as well. How sad. How terrifying and awful for his family! Kurdish cameraman knifed to death in Daquq, Kirkuk

I hate to see Kurds fighting one another like this. But the want to keep power for some of these Kurdish politicians in southern Kurdistan drives them to not do what’s good for Kurds, and instead do what’s good for themselves I suppose. So sad, and this poor guy! LAWMAKER SAYS HE WAS TORTURED BY GROUP INSIDE KURDISTAN PARLIAMENT

I so admire these people. They didn’t have to risk there lives to fight them, but they put their lives on the line (some of them losing there lives) to fight and stop ISIS. Inside the lives of civilian volunteers fighting Islamic State

Well, that’ll be it for now. These are some things I saw today that I thought were interesting, and decided to give my 2 scents on lol.

Some news, and a new easier way for me to blog, yay!

This is written by Abdullah Bozkurt. HE’s my favorite Turkish journalist. He is always on top of what the Turkish government is doing. He’s really good! This article is very telling of what’s going on in Turkey today, and how they’re not our ally, even if our government still wants to deny this, at least publicly. [OPINION] Erdoğan vigorously defends Turkish al-Qaeda group that has cells in Germany


Another very interesting article from Abdullah Bozkurt. [OPINION] A mole in Turkey’s spy agency blows the cover of an asset in Iran

Masoud Barzani president of the KRG in South Kurdistan (Iraqis call it Northern Iraq) resigned today. Very sad how it went down. I mean, many would say it’s overdo, and he should have stepped down long ago. I’d agree with that, but we didn’t want to see it happen like this. I’d have loved to see my government more supportive of there desire for independence, they voted for it, but, well, it is a mess now. And Iran is all in it with there people. They have a lot of influence in Iraq, and that should scare my government, but anyway. This explains about Barzani’s resignation. Kurdish Leader Quits, Latest Fallout From Much-Criticized Independence Vote

More on the situation in Southern Kurdistan. I’m sorry to read this.  Khabur border crossing handed over to the Iraqi government

I also wanted to tell about something I think is so cool! I’ve been blogging using a word processor, and this HTML editing program I have. I know a little HTML, but I’ll admit it’s far too time consuming for me to do that every day, so I do it the lazy way and use editing software to edit my HTML for me. So I’ve been looking for one program to do this with. An offline blogging uploading tool. I tried the wordpress desktop program, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. It worked, but not as well as I’d like.

Being visually impaired I have to have programs that work well, or at least usably well with my screen reader software. Well, I went on a hunt tonight to achieve this. I will find it much easier to blog if I don’t have to use more than one program to do so. I can just have one opened to deal with, and write and link to interesting stuff right there in that particular program.

I had nearly given up tonight after I had installed 3 separate programs, (including that wordpress one). I was trying to get windows live writer to work, but I think it doesn’t work in windows 10, or at least I couldn’t get it to work. The other 2, well one wouldn’t let me blog with it, it kept giving me errors, and the other one was simply inaccessible to me. I couldn’t’ do a thing with it.

I was doing a search on google on the error I was getting when I’d try to install windows live writer. Well, then in the search it pulled up Open live writer 

and I tried it. It works so well, it’s very accessible, I love it! This will make blogging easier for me, and will give me more of an incentive to do it. So hopefully y’all will be hearing from me more often! That pleases me very much! It doesn’t take much to make me happy, it’s the little things in life.

I’ll close this one. I hope all out there reading this are having a good day or night, depending where you are, and when you’re reading this. Take care everyone.

How I write using my iPhone as a visually impaired person.

I’m spending time over at a good friends place right now. We live in the same apartment complex. We’re listening to the World Series. For those that may not know, this is baseball’s end season championship. I’m a big MLB baseball fan. MLB stands for Major League Baseball. I thought I’d explain that for those that may not know.
My favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers followed by the Tampa bay Rays, and in the national league the Colorado Rockies.
In this year’s World Series is the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros. I must say, I’m rooting for the Astros in this one. We’ll have to see what happens. It’s the best of 7, and the Astros lead the series 2 to 1. If the Dodgers could win tonight, they could tie up the series, so hopefully the Astros can win this one.
I thought I’d write this post here, on my iPhone. I’m slower writing on here, I’m quite a bit faster on the computer. So this is good practice for me. I am writing this using an app called MBraille. Using this app I’m able to text people and write things in apps like word press in braille and the app puts it in regular text for y’all to read. But this way I can write in a way I’ve known since a child. It’s real neat! I love my apple products! They’re the best at making things accessible for the visually impaired, and people with other disabilities.
I actually had to get use to writing in braille again, doing it on the phone is quite different than doing it on a braille writer. And over the last 20 years I’ve nearly exclusively written on a computer keyboard, same way as you all do. I started learning to type in the 4th grade. I also write for mostly sited folks, so didn’t need to write in braille. If I email a blind person their screen reading software reads it for them. So strangely enough I am much faster at writing on the computer keyboard than in braille. When I was younger and in school, this was not the case. Back then I was far faster in braille, because then I did it more. In high school I would begin to write some papers on the apple 2 E computer I had then. But when My grandma bought me my first PC computer in 1997, it opened up a whole new world for me. I’ll write in another post sometime what it’s done for me and what all it made possible for me to do that I couldn’t before I had a computer that could get on the internet.
This one isn’t going so well, the Dodgers are winning 6-1 and we’re going to the bottom of the 9th.
Well I’ll close this for now. I can tell I didn’t write this as good as on the computer, but close. I could edit it later, but it’s good enough, and y’all can see how I write on the iPhone.

Well I lied, I did edit it a tad. A few things I just had to edit once I got home lol. But I did fairly well, I only had to fix a few things. And the Dodgers did win that game 6-1.

How I came to love the Kurds, and how important getting information out is.

I messed up and put this on the wrong blog. I really need to get rid of the old one. When I went paid on wordpress I either couldn’t, or did not know how (probably the second thing) to merge my unpaid blog with the paid blog. So, I was wondering why my posts were going to the wrong place, ugh! Because the email address I used to upload them was for the one that is not the paid blog. Sorry for that to those of you that went to the old blog and read it and are now seeing it here. These go out on twitter, so they’ll go on twitter twice lol. Here is the post I meant to put here in the first place lol.

I’ve not written in this blog in so long. I should really be better about this. So here I am, and I will just tell a few things that are on my mind.
Well, when I started this blog I had just not long before started getting much of my news from social media. People post good articles, well depending on who you follow, they post good articles, and depending on your view of course lol. I have had a personal twitter account for years, but I started this newer one a couple of years ago, but didn’t really use it a whole lot until around the beginning of this year.
At first I started following purposely people that follow or are involved in the Syrian conflict. I was involved in being against the sanctions on Iraq years ago, and since I was very young the Middle East region has interested me a great deal. I was very interested in the war in Syria, as I had not been into the news much in recent years unfortunately.
As I begun to follow the Syrian conflict I began to see things from Kurds and Kurdish activists on mostly at that time the situation in Rojava (the Kurdish area in Northern Syria). I would become extremely interested in their plight very quickly.
Through all that, I began to see things about Kurds in Turkey, and I started getting interested in that, and that lead to the Turks in Turkey. The coup and how the Gulen movement has been persecuted. That’s an awful situation which of course makes things harder on Kurds as well, as it makes there situation worse, as Erdogan has largely targeted the Gulen movement and the Kurds. They are his main opponents, or who he sees is his biggest threat to his power in Turkey.
So you could say I’ve gotten caught up in the issues a lot and tweet about events going on there pretty much every day, of course unless I am too busy, but usually I find time for at least some of that.
I do that because I feel it’s important to get the word out about what is going on to the world their, but not only that, I want to know of the changing events. But before I went through that period where I took a long hiatus from world events, this is usually how I’ve been since I was a teen girl. I like to know what is going on.
I have to say that while I have many interests, the Kurdish issue has really captured my heart. I care about other things, the way people are being treated in other countries besides the ones that Kurds live in, but they’ve captured me. I do not know why, they just have. So you’ll read a lot about the Kurdish struggle on here. It’s funny, for years I was heavily involved in opposing the sanctions on Iraq. I didn’t like Saddam, didn’t want him there, but felt the sanctions were harming the Iraqi people, and there had to be another way. Well, then I didn’t know nearly what I know now about the situation for Kurds. So I’m still in the same basic area of interest, and probably always will be. I just love that part of the world! But I also feel other issues are important. They may not be my main area of posting, but I feel if I know of an injustice I try to learn about it and put it out there. The more of us that do these things the more helpful it is to the world. No we can’t save the world, but if we all do our little part the world can hopefully be a better place. We should try anyway. All of us in a different way, of course. We all have our own talents and our own way, but whatever that way is, we should strive to do our best at helping humanity.
I want to add something I really want to say. There have been several people out in the social media world that has taught me a lot. When I see someone getting depressed about what is going on in their part of the world, I tell them how they’ve taught me so much, and not to give up on that. I know there are days I go, things are so depressing how can it ever get better with so many corrupt leaders running the world, and I’m thinking what good does little old me do in putting out information. Then I remember how much I’ve learned from especially the Kurds, but not only Kurds about things. I would have never known if they didn’t put those things out. If they can educate me, others can be reached too. So yes it is very important to do! And, we’re so very blessed to have more outlets to do this than not long ago was available.

Some news with my over opinionated comments finely getting uploaded lol.

I want to start out this post to say I am so sorry for the people in London for the cowardice terrorist attack that was brought on them 2 days ago! My heart goes out to those people!

I have been compiling this for a couple of days, should have sent these sooner. Before I make this entry any longer I better upload it lol.

Some on twitter had been discussing how so many accounts have been suspended lately, and someone brought out this article. Figures, this sounds like the erdogan regime all the way!
Turkey tried to censor Twitter thousands of times last year

I think I read the longer version of this a couple of weeks ago. I love this group, I think what these women are doing in a region of the world where this has not always and still isn’t in many quarters acceptable is amazing and refreshing!
The YPJ: Fighting Isis on the frontline

I’ve heard the audio where Kerry admitted to some Syrian opposition that the US watched the rise of ISIS hoping it’d force the Assad Regime to negotiate. There is audio here too. I don’t like all that Trump does, and much of what he stands for I hate! But unfortunately I do believe this from much that has come out, and out of Kerry’s own mouth that we encouraged and funded some groups that are not moderate, in-order to get rid of Assad. Stupid, stupid! No matter how you feel about Assad, for the US to back extremists just to get rid of him, no! This is just a hugely flawed policy it’s not funny! Al-Nusra has claimed the US, Turkey, and Israel, yep, Israel sent them weapons, and people to train there forces when Obama was in office. Not that you can completely trust Al-Nusra, but it wouldn’t surprise me with the other stuff that has come out! Oh and by the way, Al-Nusra is basically Al-Quita in Syria.
BREAKING: Deal Between Kerry, Obama, And McCain To Arm And Fund ISIS Exposed (PHOTOS)

‘No’ in the referendum, ‘yes’ to dialogue: Kurds celebrate Newroz in Diyarbakir

Oh wow, this is one of the most bone chilling stories I’ve read in some time!
My son’s name is Traitor: A story of the Yazidis’ unending sorrow

If you want to learn more about the Kurdish YPG I totally recommend watching this!
A brief history of the YPG

Here’s some Turkish democracy for you!
Kurdish Activists Arrested in Turkey Ahead of Nowruz Celebrations

Good, The Turkish interests are purely for Turkey, not Syria. So hopefully we continue on this coarse!
Are Ankara’s prospects in Syria dimming?

An interesting article on Iraq’s Muqtada al-Sadr. He’s surely evolved since the days of the US war and occupation there in 2003.
EXCLUSIVE: Sectarian militias have no place in Iraq, says Muqtada al-Sadr

This is so sad! Sometimes when I read what Turkey is doing to it’s people it makes me so angry I want to go through this computer and beat me some Turks (of course the guilty ones) lol. But, when I read some things I just feel such an overwhelming since of sadness! When I hear about any country oppressing it’s people, it is so foreign to me as an American that it just makes me feeling so helpless and angry! Then there are times that the sadness is even stronger. When I read this I felt that way. I criticize my country for many things, but this type of oppression we do not have here. When I realize how angry it makes me at times, how angry must it make those oppressed people and there loved ones? I would want to kill someone if they did that to someone I loved, I can tell you that!
Suspicious deaths and suicides on the rise in Turkey with 54 people in last 8 months

Good for Germany I say!
Germany blocks arms sales to Turkey

And so they should be! they live there, they have more of a right to be there than Turkey does, actually!
Russia wants Syrian Kurds in Geneva talks despite Turkey’s resistance

And people ask who the terrorist is? With Erdogan saying things like this, there is no need to ask!
On the anniversary of the Brussels attacks, Erdogan warns Europe again

Here’s an informitive article here. A good one.
It is President Erdogan’s Turkey, not humane Germany, that is guilty of ‘Nazi practices’

The Democracy in Erdogan’s Turkey that is not!
‘Sometimes I laugh at this farce’: six writers on life behind bars in Turkey

More on how Journalists are treated in Turkey.
Turkey justifies prosecution of journalists with McCarthy era relic laws

Once ISIS is defeated go after Kurds? I sure hope not!
US: Iraq trying to control Shia militias, Kurds fear future clashes

Oh, the nations of the world need to get rid of this evil like yesterday! Down with ISIS! This is beyond awful!
ISIS burns three women who refused to slaughter their neighbours as they fled Mosul

They gotta do what they gotta do, but how awful they have to!
Mosul parents sedate children with drugs, fearing discovery by Islamic State – aid groups

This makes me sad.
Syrians in Turkey: The Human Smuggler and the Young Refugee

Some news, Kurds and Newroz celebrations, genital mutilation, and stuff.

Newroz is an important holiday for the Kurds. This is a little description of it and what it’s all about, why the Kurds celebrate it and all.
Kurdish Newroz

Hopefully not! It makes me sad any Kurd would ever be on the side of Turkey! The last nation that cares for Kurds, in fact the Turks would likely rather see all the Kurds die off. Likely if they could get away with such a thing they’d do it. I mean the Turkish government, I do not mean this directed at all Turks, of course not!
Barzani vs. PKK: A Recipe for Kurdistan’s Second Civil War?

Hopefully there will be no trouble with ISIS or anyone else!
Syrian Kurdish police fears ISIS attacks during Newroz celebrations

More on the Kurdish struggle.
PKK commander warns Turkish interior minister over intensification in fighting

I know the Turks were just fuming about this!
Kurdish demonstrators in Germany protest against Erdogan

This article is a few years old, but this still goes on, it’s still quite relevant. It’s so sick! I just don’t, just wow! I don’t get it, it’s just awful!
Female Genital Mutilation: As the ‘cutting season’ approaches, end the silence

I think this is a good thing!
U.S.-allied Kurds strike deal with Russia in Syria-Kurdish militia

And it won’t be! This referendum is designed to make erdogan the Dictator of Turkey! He will get his yes whatever it takes!
EU report casts doubt on ‘legitimacy’ of Turkish referendum

Some articles that sure enlightened me!

Go Kurdish women! They got it right!
YJA-Star guerrillas in Kirkuk celebrate March 8 (women’s day)

I never believed they had. It is not consistent with how they do things! I’m glad the UN confirmed this!
A UN report refutes ethnic cleansing claims against SDF and YPG

This is so awesome! Such a lack of basic Human rights by the Syrian Government that wouldn’t let them! Now they can! Just think, a government that won’t even let you wear your own traditional ethnic clothes, and speak your own language! This has so been the story for the Kurdish people for far too long! That’s why I so love this story!
Syria’s Kurds hit catwalk to promote traditional attire

The poor Syrian people! The Rebels stink, the government, just ugh!
Syria a ‘torture-chamber’, U.N. says

And, this is absolutely no surprise! I believe Assad won’t stop bombing until he takes back the entire country if he can, and, as long as he does that, there gonna keep fighting him for the country. What a mess! Poor Syria!
Russian-backed Syria talks derailed as rebels boycott

This article I found interesting. Good questions, why would Assad release these people? Has he backed such groups when it’s been in his interest to do so?
Four jihadists, one prison: all released by Assad and all now dead

Wow, this sounds so bleak! Not much else I can say about it, just so bleak, and quite nasty! There are 2 parts to this article, you’ll have to click on part 2 at the end of this article to read all of this.
Assad Power Slips in Syria as Warlords Grow More Powerful

Yes! They’re weeding out them ISIS rats! May God protect them!
Wrath of Euphrates spokeswoman: Raqqa is now isolated

This is disappointing knowing they did this. The Assad government kept saying the rebels were cutting off the water, when it was them all along! Well, a good way to try to turn the population against the rebels, while at the same time helping them get that area back with the bombs. Would I put it passed the rebel groups that held Wadi Barada at that time to do something like this? Sure I can see them doing that. But the evidence shows they did not, that the Assad regime did it! I realize that in time of war sometimes there will be collateral damage, air strikes and bombs are going to kill people, but to purposely bomb that spring, then blame it on rebels? That is just unconscionable!
Syrian air force ‘purposely’ targeted water supplies in Wadi Barada: UN

Al-Qaeda getting stronger in Syria? That’s quite scary from where I sit!
Al Qaeda Is Starting to Swallow the Syrian Opposition

Sorry to say, but I believe Obama was an awful foreign policy president! In this area the man simply stunk! I have some opinions on why he did what he did, I believe the man feared war so much, he wanted to be noted as a peace maker. I just don’t think he was a very strong president, sorry. And I’ll admittedly tell you, I voted for the man both times. I just felt the alternatives were unacceptable to me. So I voted for him, and if I had to do it over knowing what I know now, I’d likely do the same. But still, he was what he was, and I just think he did great damage with some of his inaction. I’ve gone against some things we’ve done as a nation. I have disagreed with much of my government’s imperial actions internationally. However, we are the most powerful nation in the world, and sometimes weather I like it or not, we need to act like it! Obama just didn’t do that. This article explains so well what I believe went on with president Obama.
Reassessing Obama’s Legacy of Restraint

Before I go on I think it’s important I stop here and say that I was opposed to the war on Iraq. I still believe it was a colossal mistake for that entire region! We stirred it up so badly, ugh! I believe many of the issues Syria is facing today is a result of the war in Iraq. Not entirely, no I don’t believe the US is powerful enough to do all of that on it’s own, although many may want to believe it is. But I do believe it did greatly affect the situation in the entire region, and unfortunately likely the consequences of it will reverberate for years to come.

I also was for pulling out of Iraq. I believed the war was wrong, so we should get out! However, I am not one to claim I’m always right, in fact far from it now. I now disagree with my at that time assessment we should do the rush out thing on Iraq. Yes, we had to go at some point. Scaling back slowly maybe yes, but we basically abandoned the people of Iraq at a time where they were still rebuilding. Just think, had we left Europe 8 years after World War II? Of course we didn’t, we were fighting the Soviets, and wouldn’t have dreamed of such an action. So I realize I was misguided by emotion at that time, or think I was anyway’s. I mean, heinsight is often 20 20, but is it? I mean, I could be wrong, maybe the US couldn’t’ have made a difference, but I think they should have tried harder, and just a little longer. I want Iraq to be there own nation. I wouldn’t want them to be occupied by any foreign power for too long. But, if it would have helped them be a better nation later, yeah. but what do I know lol.

Most of those women and girls will likely never be right after all that they’ve gone through! There are no words!
Freed from ISIS, Yazidi Women Remain Trapped by Trauma

Glad we’re supporting them now, now our government needs to give them what they need to fight IS.
Exclusive: AMN Interview With The Kurdish YPG’s 2nd Highest Official, Redur Khalil & His Message To President Trump

Some of these articles in this really educated me, let me tell you! Hopefully it does you, too!