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Kurds and Turkey

Yep, this tells me that Erdogan has been after the Gulen movement for a while now, and he used the coup to do that. He sort of admits that in this article. He’s so evil! Erdogan admits trapping Gülen movement people

This article talks about how so many journalists have been barred from coming into Turkey, and why. Erdogan’s dark road to glory

Murat Karayilan one of the leaders of the PKK made this statement after the annual meeting of the PKK. A new period of struggle in the 40th year of the PKK

Of course, Erdogan gets what he wants, he’s Turkey’s dictator. Jailed Turkish philanthropist Kavala says arrested just after being targeted by Erdogan

Hmmm, very interesting. I’m not surprised by it. Paradise Papers Show Turkish PM’s Sons Involved In Offshore Holdings

People demonstrating in Canada asking there government there to do more to pressure the Erdogan regime to stop human rights abuses against their own people. Dozens take to Parliament Hill to protest Turkish human rights violations

This is how they treat their pregnant prisoners in Turkey! It sounds like this could have been prevented. Authorities’ negligence kills a pregnant woman and her baby in Turkish prison

Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation A quote I’m taking from this article.

“A former senior law enforcement official said that in the weeks after Trump’s inauguration the FBI  was asked to conduct a new review of Turkey’s 2016 request to extradite Fethullah Gulen, an elderly  Muslim cleric living in the U.S. whom President Erdogan blames for orchestrating a coup to  overthrow him.
The FBI pushed back on the request because Turkey had supplied no additional information that could  incriminate Gulen following a review of the case during the Obama administration, the official  said. It is unclear whether the request to investigate Gulen came from Flynn or through the typical  diplomatic channels at the State Department.”

I am so glad of the things put in place in our system that doesn’t allow the president and his people to have too much power. For example in our country the president couldn’t’ just decide to extradite someone. I am no expert on this, but they can request it, but the person that is being asked to be extradited must go before an extradition judge, and if there is enough evidence then that judge can have them extradited. I don’t know if it can be appealed after seeing an extradition judge, but I do know that I am glad Trump couldn’t have just done this. Because I can’t prove it of course, but I expect Trump knew something of this. I have a hard time believing he was in the dark about it all. So glad they couldn’t’ just send Gulen back to Turkey like that, ugh!


Iran says ‘criminal America’ remains main enemy And they chanted death to America in the streets, and that’s real peaceful of them lol. They’ve been doing this for years. I am not saying my country is perfect, but the Government of Iran is fanning the flames of hate, and this is never a good thing.

wow, this is very telling and scary information. Significance of nuclear revelations by the Iranian opposition, NCRI

They do this to Kurds in Turkey, they’ve done it to them in Syria and Iran does it too to them I’m sure if they do it to Arabs, Iraq is starting doing it again after the referendum I’ve been hearing. and I’ve also read that at times in turkey they’ve not wanted students to speak Arabic either. What makes people think their race, their language is superior, this is the start of acting like Nazis did. Iran: Little girls punished for speaking mother tongue in class Of course we know the Iranian regime is horrible to it’s people, but I’m learning just how bad.

Southern Kurdistan

I think many of us figured this is what happened. Barzani admits: “We handed Kirkuk over”

I started  a book by Nadia Murad. She’s a Yazidi  who was taken as a slave by ISIS. I’m learning a lot from this book. It’s going to be a tough read in some ways, though. She lost a lot of her family, just horrific stuff that I can’t even begin to imagine going through. This tells a little about the book. Yazidi survivor recounts harrowing captivity, daring escape in new book Her book just came out yesterday now, as I’m writing this early morning, and I got it the day it came out. Since I knew it was coming out I had planned to get it.

With technology as it is now, I am able to get so many books so much easier. You can get nearly anything now a days on Amazon’s kindle if you want to pay for it. I am also subscribed to a service I pay $50 a year for called Bookshare. It is a service for people with print disabilities. For example, the blind, dyslexic, or learning disabled people that have a real difficult time reading and things. Just any type of print disability like that. I have several blind friends that also subscribe to the service. We of course had to prove we have this disability, so this service can’t be used by just anyone. but it’s greatly appreciated, and very worth the $50 I pay each year for it. Had it not been on there, and I did not know this book would be up there, had it not been, I did plan to buy it on Kindle. But I didn’t have too, and that is helpful. I thought I’d explain that. It is a very neat and useful service.


I love reading about these women! What an amazing revolution they have going! A great piece here. Syria’s Arab, Kurdish women join forces to fight for future

United States

A man went on a shooting spree in our state of Texas on Sunday in a small town called Sutherland Springs. He killed 26 people, then they think he killed himself, but they’re not sure, as a man went after him outside of the church, so I am thinking they’re still not sure if he shot himself, or that guy got him. They’ll of course figure that out, as they can tell what gun the bullet that took his life came from.

Just awful! How could someone do something like this. Well, I’m thinking that I do not want to know the answer to that. It is madness, evil, I don’t know. How horrific, this is just awful! This poor family! I feel so bad for all of these people! They’ll surely need their faith to get them through this. 8 Members of One Family Killed in Texas Church Shooting

Oops, big bureaucratic mess up. It makes one wonder, how many cases are there like this? Air Force failed to submit Texas shooter’s criminal history to the FBI

The report below breaks down the numbers more, but president Trump has a 36 percent approval rating here now. It’s no shock, he’s a very unpopular president. I voted for him. I typically vote democratic, although I do not consider myself either party, and I disagree with both on different issues. This time though, I didn’t trust either one, but trusted Hillary less. Not sure if I was right to feel that way or not, but I do not like Trump! He’s awful! He’s racist, he can’t keep his mouth shut, and I could go on, but my views on Trump are not important. Here is the CNN report. CNN Poll: Trump approval at new low as Russia concerns grow

That’s all for now. It took me a few days to send this, kept not doing it at the end of a day and just kept adding to it. Well now I’m gonna send it lol.

Today’s thoughts, and A bit of news from Turkey, Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.


Another article by Abdullah Bozkurt exposing Erdogan working with groups that work with rebel groups in Syria. [OPINION] Turkish charity IHH works with Turkish intelligence MIT to empower jihadists

And he has more where that came from about Erdogan’s support of Jihadi groups. [OPINION] Erdogan vigorously defends Turkish al-Qaeda group that has cells in Germany

This is an OP-ED   by Abdülhamit Bilici. Like Abdullah Bozkurt he is a Turkish journalist in exile, and both are on the Turkish government’s wanted list. So they do what they can’t in Turkey right now, and tell the world Turkey’s awful situation in exile. Abdülhamit Bilici does it here in the US, and Abdullah Bozkurt from Sweden. Turkey, a U.S. ally, muzzles the media And just to add that I don’t believe Turkey is really a US ally anymore, but ya know. Our government tells the world otherwise.

They’ll lock anyone up, often with little to no evidence, for no real reason, or They’ll fabricate a reason. Wow! Deaf And Dumb Man Imprisoned By Turkish Government Over Claims Of ‘Chanting Slogan’

Another child with her mother having to be locked up in Erdogan’s torture chambers. So that would make it 669 baby’s in Erdo’s prisons. Turkish government imprisons one more mother with her baby over links to Gülen movement

More detentions. Turkish court gives 10-year prison sentence for pro-Kurdish HDP deputy Irmak

Yep he is, and yep they should treat him as the criminal dangerous terrorist dictator he is. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a criminal. Our foreign policy should treat him as such.

Yum, I love Nutella! I don’t get it often, but it’s some yummy stuff! I was not aware that Turkey produces so many hazelnuts. Learn something new every day.  Nutella-maker Ferrero seeks to crack Turkish grip on hazelnuts

Wow, you can get arrested for having subscribed to a paper that at the time was a legal news paper in Turkey. The poor Turkish people! Turkish TV Network Executive Muhammed Büyükçingil Jailed For Subscribing To Critical Daily.

Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.

This article makes me sad, and also angry! Nothing justifies terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians, but one can understand why many hate us. But any of you out there that are not American, Have not lived among us, and may not know this, people here are really uneducated on this stuff. Most Americans know very little about what goes on in the Middle East. If it’s not affecting their daily lives, they don’t tend to care. It’s sad, but how they are. So many of the things ISIS kills innocent Americans over for example, most of these people that have died in these attacks probably didn’t know much if anything about the situation in the middle east. I wish I could help people over their understand this. The biggest tool to counter US policy in these countries, is come educate our people! They’re in bad need of it. Just think, if they knew what is really going on, maybe more of them press there government to do the right thing. Yes there will always be some selfishness in how governments do things, this is unfortunately human nature. But, if we try maybe it makes some difference. I believe it would make some difference, at least.  So here is the blog entry by Seth Frantzman that brings me to write this all. This is about the situation with the Kurds in Iraq. YOU’D THINK THE US WOULD STAND WITH KURDS, HERE’S WHY AMERICA WON’T

That’s all for today. Lord willing more tomorrow. It’d be nice to hear some good news tomorrow, wouldn’t it?

Some news for today with my over opinionated comments as usual.

Southern Kurdistan

I want to get this book when it comes out next Tuesday. The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State by NADIA MURAD

Yes, because these people definitely need to come to justice! Not so sure that many of them will, but we need to try to get as many as we can! UN: Islamic State Atrocities in Mosul Need International Justice

Yes, this should definitely be investigated! This man’s family had to watch while he was stabbed to death in cold blood! Then the criminals that did this awful murder robbed the family! Just horrific! I can’t begin to imagine how awful it was! Iraq: Investigate Killing of Kurdish Party Activist

al Qaeda

This is interesting, and scary. CIA reveals rare images of Osama bin Laden’s son


More on the Reza Zarrab case, and this links him directly to Turkey’s president Erdogan.  U.S. prosecutor says accused gold trader spoke with Turkey’s Erdogan

Selahattin Demirtaş is a Kurdish politician who is a co chair of the HDP party in Turkey. HDP stands for Peoples’ Democratic Party He has been unjustly imprisoned like many in Turkey. He’s been there for nearly a year now. I believe that year anniversary comes this month, very soon. Erdogan said publically this summer that Demirtaş is a terrorist, when there has been no trial for him yet. He’s been held for a year with no trial, yep this is justice the Erdogan way. So this article comes as no surprise. The Turkish government’s intense pressure on the judiciary The Turkish minister of justice is trying to interfere with his trial. Erdogan has decided and made it publically known he sees Selahattin Demirtaş a terrorist. He will except nothing less than imprisoning him for life. We can hope the judiciary won’t allow this, but he has it filled with his thugs, so there is little hope of this. Best thing is for Erdogan to go. That can’t happen too soon for the Turkish people I can tell you!

More detentions in Turkey. This seems to be a daily occurrence. Turkish Gov’t Detains Dozens, Issues Detention Warrants For 60 People Over Alleged Gülen Links


I’ve never read anything from the people that write this blog until tonight. But, this is interesting. And it looks pretty credible. Turkey’s Silent Al Qaeda Partner in Syria It discusses how Turkey is trying to destroy the Kurds in Syria, and how they’re drawing ever closer to Al Qaeda as Russia doesn’t do things just how they want them to.


Well, it’s getting too late here, I need to shut this computer down and get into bed. I should already be there lol. My guide dog is already sleeping on his bed under my desk. He’s the smart one hahahhaaha.

I’ve got some plans for this blog, another project I’m working on to add to it. Maybe I’ll get it up tomorrow, we’ll see. Might be doing some things tomorrow (well actually later today) so we’ll see how much time I have to work on it. Bye for now, and more soon, God willing.

Some news, and a new easier way for me to blog, yay!

This is written by Abdullah Bozkurt. HE’s my favorite Turkish journalist. He is always on top of what the Turkish government is doing. He’s really good! This article is very telling of what’s going on in Turkey today, and how they’re not our ally, even if our government still wants to deny this, at least publicly. [OPINION] Erdoğan vigorously defends Turkish al-Qaeda group that has cells in Germany


Another very interesting article from Abdullah Bozkurt. [OPINION] A mole in Turkey’s spy agency blows the cover of an asset in Iran

Masoud Barzani president of the KRG in South Kurdistan (Iraqis call it Northern Iraq) resigned today. Very sad how it went down. I mean, many would say it’s overdo, and he should have stepped down long ago. I’d agree with that, but we didn’t want to see it happen like this. I’d have loved to see my government more supportive of there desire for independence, they voted for it, but, well, it is a mess now. And Iran is all in it with there people. They have a lot of influence in Iraq, and that should scare my government, but anyway. This explains about Barzani’s resignation. Kurdish Leader Quits, Latest Fallout From Much-Criticized Independence Vote

More on the situation in Southern Kurdistan. I’m sorry to read this.  Khabur border crossing handed over to the Iraqi government

I also wanted to tell about something I think is so cool! I’ve been blogging using a word processor, and this HTML editing program I have. I know a little HTML, but I’ll admit it’s far too time consuming for me to do that every day, so I do it the lazy way and use editing software to edit my HTML for me. So I’ve been looking for one program to do this with. An offline blogging uploading tool. I tried the wordpress desktop program, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. It worked, but not as well as I’d like.

Being visually impaired I have to have programs that work well, or at least usably well with my screen reader software. Well, I went on a hunt tonight to achieve this. I will find it much easier to blog if I don’t have to use more than one program to do so. I can just have one opened to deal with, and write and link to interesting stuff right there in that particular program.

I had nearly given up tonight after I had installed 3 separate programs, (including that wordpress one). I was trying to get windows live writer to work, but I think it doesn’t work in windows 10, or at least I couldn’t get it to work. The other 2, well one wouldn’t let me blog with it, it kept giving me errors, and the other one was simply inaccessible to me. I couldn’t’ do a thing with it.

I was doing a search on google on the error I was getting when I’d try to install windows live writer. Well, then in the search it pulled up Open live writer 

and I tried it. It works so well, it’s very accessible, I love it! This will make blogging easier for me, and will give me more of an incentive to do it. So hopefully y’all will be hearing from me more often! That pleases me very much! It doesn’t take much to make me happy, it’s the little things in life.

I’ll close this one. I hope all out there reading this are having a good day or night, depending where you are, and when you’re reading this. Take care everyone.

Some news with my over opinionated comments finely getting uploaded lol.

I want to start out this post to say I am so sorry for the people in London for the cowardice terrorist attack that was brought on them 2 days ago! My heart goes out to those people!

I have been compiling this for a couple of days, should have sent these sooner. Before I make this entry any longer I better upload it lol.

Some on twitter had been discussing how so many accounts have been suspended lately, and someone brought out this article. Figures, this sounds like the erdogan regime all the way!
Turkey tried to censor Twitter thousands of times last year

I think I read the longer version of this a couple of weeks ago. I love this group, I think what these women are doing in a region of the world where this has not always and still isn’t in many quarters acceptable is amazing and refreshing!
The YPJ: Fighting Isis on the frontline

I’ve heard the audio where Kerry admitted to some Syrian opposition that the US watched the rise of ISIS hoping it’d force the Assad Regime to negotiate. There is audio here too. I don’t like all that Trump does, and much of what he stands for I hate! But unfortunately I do believe this from much that has come out, and out of Kerry’s own mouth that we encouraged and funded some groups that are not moderate, in-order to get rid of Assad. Stupid, stupid! No matter how you feel about Assad, for the US to back extremists just to get rid of him, no! This is just a hugely flawed policy it’s not funny! Al-Nusra has claimed the US, Turkey, and Israel, yep, Israel sent them weapons, and people to train there forces when Obama was in office. Not that you can completely trust Al-Nusra, but it wouldn’t surprise me with the other stuff that has come out! Oh and by the way, Al-Nusra is basically Al-Quita in Syria.
BREAKING: Deal Between Kerry, Obama, And McCain To Arm And Fund ISIS Exposed (PHOTOS)

‘No’ in the referendum, ‘yes’ to dialogue: Kurds celebrate Newroz in Diyarbakir

Oh wow, this is one of the most bone chilling stories I’ve read in some time!
My son’s name is Traitor: A story of the Yazidis’ unending sorrow

If you want to learn more about the Kurdish YPG I totally recommend watching this!
A brief history of the YPG

Here’s some Turkish democracy for you!
Kurdish Activists Arrested in Turkey Ahead of Nowruz Celebrations

Good, The Turkish interests are purely for Turkey, not Syria. So hopefully we continue on this coarse!
Are Ankara’s prospects in Syria dimming?

An interesting article on Iraq’s Muqtada al-Sadr. He’s surely evolved since the days of the US war and occupation there in 2003.
EXCLUSIVE: Sectarian militias have no place in Iraq, says Muqtada al-Sadr

This is so sad! Sometimes when I read what Turkey is doing to it’s people it makes me so angry I want to go through this computer and beat me some Turks (of course the guilty ones) lol. But, when I read some things I just feel such an overwhelming since of sadness! When I hear about any country oppressing it’s people, it is so foreign to me as an American that it just makes me feeling so helpless and angry! Then there are times that the sadness is even stronger. When I read this I felt that way. I criticize my country for many things, but this type of oppression we do not have here. When I realize how angry it makes me at times, how angry must it make those oppressed people and there loved ones? I would want to kill someone if they did that to someone I loved, I can tell you that!
Suspicious deaths and suicides on the rise in Turkey with 54 people in last 8 months

Good for Germany I say!
Germany blocks arms sales to Turkey

And so they should be! they live there, they have more of a right to be there than Turkey does, actually!
Russia wants Syrian Kurds in Geneva talks despite Turkey’s resistance

And people ask who the terrorist is? With Erdogan saying things like this, there is no need to ask!
On the anniversary of the Brussels attacks, Erdogan warns Europe again

Here’s an informitive article here. A good one.
It is President Erdogan’s Turkey, not humane Germany, that is guilty of ‘Nazi practices’

The Democracy in Erdogan’s Turkey that is not!
‘Sometimes I laugh at this farce’: six writers on life behind bars in Turkey

More on how Journalists are treated in Turkey.
Turkey justifies prosecution of journalists with McCarthy era relic laws

Once ISIS is defeated go after Kurds? I sure hope not!
US: Iraq trying to control Shia militias, Kurds fear future clashes

Oh, the nations of the world need to get rid of this evil like yesterday! Down with ISIS! This is beyond awful!
ISIS burns three women who refused to slaughter their neighbours as they fled Mosul

They gotta do what they gotta do, but how awful they have to!
Mosul parents sedate children with drugs, fearing discovery by Islamic State – aid groups

This makes me sad.
Syrians in Turkey: The Human Smuggler and the Young Refugee

Some articles that sure enlightened me!

Go Kurdish women! They got it right!
YJA-Star guerrillas in Kirkuk celebrate March 8 (women’s day)

I never believed they had. It is not consistent with how they do things! I’m glad the UN confirmed this!
A UN report refutes ethnic cleansing claims against SDF and YPG

This is so awesome! Such a lack of basic Human rights by the Syrian Government that wouldn’t let them! Now they can! Just think, a government that won’t even let you wear your own traditional ethnic clothes, and speak your own language! This has so been the story for the Kurdish people for far too long! That’s why I so love this story!
Syria’s Kurds hit catwalk to promote traditional attire

The poor Syrian people! The Rebels stink, the government, just ugh!
Syria a ‘torture-chamber’, U.N. says

And, this is absolutely no surprise! I believe Assad won’t stop bombing until he takes back the entire country if he can, and, as long as he does that, there gonna keep fighting him for the country. What a mess! Poor Syria!
Russian-backed Syria talks derailed as rebels boycott

This article I found interesting. Good questions, why would Assad release these people? Has he backed such groups when it’s been in his interest to do so?
Four jihadists, one prison: all released by Assad and all now dead

Wow, this sounds so bleak! Not much else I can say about it, just so bleak, and quite nasty! There are 2 parts to this article, you’ll have to click on part 2 at the end of this article to read all of this.
Assad Power Slips in Syria as Warlords Grow More Powerful

Yes! They’re weeding out them ISIS rats! May God protect them!
Wrath of Euphrates spokeswoman: Raqqa is now isolated

This is disappointing knowing they did this. The Assad government kept saying the rebels were cutting off the water, when it was them all along! Well, a good way to try to turn the population against the rebels, while at the same time helping them get that area back with the bombs. Would I put it passed the rebel groups that held Wadi Barada at that time to do something like this? Sure I can see them doing that. But the evidence shows they did not, that the Assad regime did it! I realize that in time of war sometimes there will be collateral damage, air strikes and bombs are going to kill people, but to purposely bomb that spring, then blame it on rebels? That is just unconscionable!
Syrian air force ‘purposely’ targeted water supplies in Wadi Barada: UN

Al-Qaeda getting stronger in Syria? That’s quite scary from where I sit!
Al Qaeda Is Starting to Swallow the Syrian Opposition

Sorry to say, but I believe Obama was an awful foreign policy president! In this area the man simply stunk! I have some opinions on why he did what he did, I believe the man feared war so much, he wanted to be noted as a peace maker. I just don’t think he was a very strong president, sorry. And I’ll admittedly tell you, I voted for the man both times. I just felt the alternatives were unacceptable to me. So I voted for him, and if I had to do it over knowing what I know now, I’d likely do the same. But still, he was what he was, and I just think he did great damage with some of his inaction. I’ve gone against some things we’ve done as a nation. I have disagreed with much of my government’s imperial actions internationally. However, we are the most powerful nation in the world, and sometimes weather I like it or not, we need to act like it! Obama just didn’t do that. This article explains so well what I believe went on with president Obama.
Reassessing Obama’s Legacy of Restraint

Before I go on I think it’s important I stop here and say that I was opposed to the war on Iraq. I still believe it was a colossal mistake for that entire region! We stirred it up so badly, ugh! I believe many of the issues Syria is facing today is a result of the war in Iraq. Not entirely, no I don’t believe the US is powerful enough to do all of that on it’s own, although many may want to believe it is. But I do believe it did greatly affect the situation in the entire region, and unfortunately likely the consequences of it will reverberate for years to come.

I also was for pulling out of Iraq. I believed the war was wrong, so we should get out! However, I am not one to claim I’m always right, in fact far from it now. I now disagree with my at that time assessment we should do the rush out thing on Iraq. Yes, we had to go at some point. Scaling back slowly maybe yes, but we basically abandoned the people of Iraq at a time where they were still rebuilding. Just think, had we left Europe 8 years after World War II? Of course we didn’t, we were fighting the Soviets, and wouldn’t have dreamed of such an action. So I realize I was misguided by emotion at that time, or think I was anyway’s. I mean, heinsight is often 20 20, but is it? I mean, I could be wrong, maybe the US couldn’t’ have made a difference, but I think they should have tried harder, and just a little longer. I want Iraq to be there own nation. I wouldn’t want them to be occupied by any foreign power for too long. But, if it would have helped them be a better nation later, yeah. but what do I know lol.

Most of those women and girls will likely never be right after all that they’ve gone through! There are no words!
Freed from ISIS, Yazidi Women Remain Trapped by Trauma

Glad we’re supporting them now, now our government needs to give them what they need to fight IS.
Exclusive: AMN Interview With The Kurdish YPG’s 2nd Highest Official, Redur Khalil & His Message To President Trump

Some of these articles in this really educated me, let me tell you! Hopefully it does you, too!