Writing about some news in our crazy world, Kurds, Turkey, Syria and more.

Kurds and Turkey

Yep, this tells me that Erdogan has been after the Gulen movement for a while now, and he used the coup to do that. He sort of admits that in this article. He’s so evil! Erdogan admits trapping Gülen movement people

This article talks about how so many journalists have been barred from coming into Turkey, and why. Erdogan’s dark road to glory

Murat Karayilan one of the leaders of the PKK made this statement after the annual meeting of the PKK. A new period of struggle in the 40th year of the PKK

Of course, Erdogan gets what he wants, he’s Turkey’s dictator. Jailed Turkish philanthropist Kavala says arrested just after being targeted by Erdogan

Hmmm, very interesting. I’m not surprised by it. Paradise Papers Show Turkish PM’s Sons Involved In Offshore Holdings

People demonstrating in Canada asking there government there to do more to pressure the Erdogan regime to stop human rights abuses against their own people. Dozens take to Parliament Hill to protest Turkish human rights violations

This is how they treat their pregnant prisoners in Turkey! It sounds like this could have been prevented. Authorities’ negligence kills a pregnant woman and her baby in Turkish prison

Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation A quote I’m taking from this article.

“A former senior law enforcement official said that in the weeks after Trump’s inauguration the FBI  was asked to conduct a new review of Turkey’s 2016 request to extradite Fethullah Gulen, an elderly  Muslim cleric living in the U.S. whom President Erdogan blames for orchestrating a coup to  overthrow him.
The FBI pushed back on the request because Turkey had supplied no additional information that could  incriminate Gulen following a review of the case during the Obama administration, the official  said. It is unclear whether the request to investigate Gulen came from Flynn or through the typical  diplomatic channels at the State Department.”

I am so glad of the things put in place in our system that doesn’t allow the president and his people to have too much power. For example in our country the president couldn’t’ just decide to extradite someone. I am no expert on this, but they can request it, but the person that is being asked to be extradited must go before an extradition judge, and if there is enough evidence then that judge can have them extradited. I don’t know if it can be appealed after seeing an extradition judge, but I do know that I am glad Trump couldn’t have just done this. Because I can’t prove it of course, but I expect Trump knew something of this. I have a hard time believing he was in the dark about it all. So glad they couldn’t’ just send Gulen back to Turkey like that, ugh!


Iran says ‘criminal America’ remains main enemy And they chanted death to America in the streets, and that’s real peaceful of them lol. They’ve been doing this for years. I am not saying my country is perfect, but the Government of Iran is fanning the flames of hate, and this is never a good thing.

wow, this is very telling and scary information. Significance of nuclear revelations by the Iranian opposition, NCRI

They do this to Kurds in Turkey, they’ve done it to them in Syria and Iran does it too to them I’m sure if they do it to Arabs, Iraq is starting doing it again after the referendum I’ve been hearing. and I’ve also read that at times in turkey they’ve not wanted students to speak Arabic either. What makes people think their race, their language is superior, this is the start of acting like Nazis did. Iran: Little girls punished for speaking mother tongue in class Of course we know the Iranian regime is horrible to it’s people, but I’m learning just how bad.

Southern Kurdistan

I think many of us figured this is what happened. Barzani admits: “We handed Kirkuk over”

I started  a book by Nadia Murad. She’s a Yazidi  who was taken as a slave by ISIS. I’m learning a lot from this book. It’s going to be a tough read in some ways, though. She lost a lot of her family, just horrific stuff that I can’t even begin to imagine going through. This tells a little about the book. Yazidi survivor recounts harrowing captivity, daring escape in new book Her book just came out yesterday now, as I’m writing this early morning, and I got it the day it came out. Since I knew it was coming out I had planned to get it.

With technology as it is now, I am able to get so many books so much easier. You can get nearly anything now a days on Amazon’s kindle if you want to pay for it. I am also subscribed to a service I pay $50 a year for called Bookshare. It is a service for people with print disabilities. For example, the blind, dyslexic, or learning disabled people that have a real difficult time reading and things. Just any type of print disability like that. I have several blind friends that also subscribe to the service. We of course had to prove we have this disability, so this service can’t be used by just anyone. but it’s greatly appreciated, and very worth the $50 I pay each year for it. Had it not been on there, and I did not know this book would be up there, had it not been, I did plan to buy it on Kindle. But I didn’t have too, and that is helpful. I thought I’d explain that. It is a very neat and useful service.


I love reading about these women! What an amazing revolution they have going! A great piece here. Syria’s Arab, Kurdish women join forces to fight for future

United States

A man went on a shooting spree in our state of Texas on Sunday in a small town called Sutherland Springs. He killed 26 people, then they think he killed himself, but they’re not sure, as a man went after him outside of the church, so I am thinking they’re still not sure if he shot himself, or that guy got him. They’ll of course figure that out, as they can tell what gun the bullet that took his life came from.

Just awful! How could someone do something like this. Well, I’m thinking that I do not want to know the answer to that. It is madness, evil, I don’t know. How horrific, this is just awful! This poor family! I feel so bad for all of these people! They’ll surely need their faith to get them through this. 8 Members of One Family Killed in Texas Church Shooting

Oops, big bureaucratic mess up. It makes one wonder, how many cases are there like this? Air Force failed to submit Texas shooter’s criminal history to the FBI

The report below breaks down the numbers more, but president Trump has a 36 percent approval rating here now. It’s no shock, he’s a very unpopular president. I voted for him. I typically vote democratic, although I do not consider myself either party, and I disagree with both on different issues. This time though, I didn’t trust either one, but trusted Hillary less. Not sure if I was right to feel that way or not, but I do not like Trump! He’s awful! He’s racist, he can’t keep his mouth shut, and I could go on, but my views on Trump are not important. Here is the CNN report. CNN Poll: Trump approval at new low as Russia concerns grow

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For today: Peaceful Kurdish protesters attacked in Dusseldorf Germany, and more.


Free the HDP This page is calling for a campaign to free the HDP party members imprisoned in Turkey It also gives information about them. I would like to see a much larger campaign to get these people released. I wish my own government would do more really, we need to get on them, as well. We can only try, doing something is better than doing nothing, speaking out is better than silence.

This is pretty good for a mainstream article. Gives some more info. ONE YEAR AFTER ARRESTS TURKEY PRO-KURD PARTY STILL COMMITTED

Oh no! This is awful! Severe post-coup tortures by Ali Türksen, a founder of Turkey’s new party, exposed Not a party I’d want to support. sounds like this man is no better than who’s currently running Turkey, ugh!

Democracy the Erdogan way in Turkey.RTÜK: 70 radio and TV channels gagged under the rule of emergency in Turkey And there is this Turkish court gives prison sentence to pro-Kurdish HDP deputy Bestas over ‘insulting’ gov’t, state They don’t allow any criticism of the government in Turkey

Women’s plight under Erdogan’s AKP party has gotten worse. As Turkey slides more and more into Islamism, this is happening, sad and very tragic. 40 women killed, 25 women subjected to sexual violence in October


ANALYSIS: Certified or decertified, Iran faces tough road ahead Will Trump get the US out of the nuclear deal with Iran. The experts seem to think he wont’ go that far. But, something needs to be done about them. I don’t agree with Trump on many things, but on this issue, I do. Obama was too lax in his foreign policy in my view.


Arab youth sets fire to himself decrying Turkey’s fascism towards Ocalan Abdullah Ocalan the Kurdish people’s leader has been in isolation in Imrali   island prison in Turkey for over a year. We’ve heard nothing about him, he’s not been allowed to see anyone. So where is the outcry from the US, the EU, and the world about this? There is not one. They’d stick up for an ISIS fighter’s justice before they’d stick up for Ocalan’s I’m afraid. The guy that set himself on fire was an Arab by the way, not a Kurd. So the system Ocalan has inspired the Kurdish people of Northern Syria to use is not only liked by Kurds, but Arabs and Kurds both want to use it. I am glad they didn’t let him go through with burning himself up, but this shows the desperation of these people. Treated like pieces of dirt, not even allowed to speak there own language until recent years, the Kurds of Syria and in all 4 parts have had it very difficult. Denied an identity, and striving to have the system of government they desire. They have spread democratic confederalism to the Arab population as well, and some of them have taken it on like this young man. There is no reason the Kurdish people’s leader should be isolated like this. Even if you believe he’s a terrorist, which I do not, but even if one does, that is a basic human right denied him and many in Turkey right now. It is very maddening! And that is not even strong enough to describe it.

People have been demonstrating all over the world for not only the isolation of the Kurdish people’s leader to be lifted, but for his freedom. This is the message from one of the leaders of the PKK, Cemil Bayık to one such demonstration. KCK’s Bayik: Leader Öcalan’s struggle is now coming to fruition

More from the PKK. They had their annual meeting and this is about that. PKK calls for struggle in the line of victory

German police attack the Kurds against fascism in Dusseldorf This makes me so mad! I’ll say with all of my countries’ issues, this wouldn’t happen here. The Turkish government pressures the EU nations to not allow the Kurds to show pictures of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan, and other Kurdish symbols. And they say they’re a democracy? They complain about how Erdogan is always trying to control them, threatening them and all that. Well, he’s controlling them pretty well from where I sit. When there people can’t have a peaceful protest in a nation that claims to be democratic because another country demands it, they’re under that countries’ control. If I were a German I’d be fighting that in the hugest way! They’re showing pictures of Abdullah Ocalan, oh and they weren’t’ allowed to show anything to do with the YPG forces fighting ISIS in Northern Syria, either. We’re not talking about Nazis here, or anything like that, but they won’t allow them to do it just to please Erdogan. They have know reason to complain about what he’s doing to them if they can’t even stand up to him on something as small as allowing their people to peacefully protest. One of the things they were calling for is the end of the isolation of Ocalan, yet they are not allowed to? The country Germany that champions human rights, I think not! But many people defied the bann anyways, good for them! Thousands with Öcalan’s posters defy the German ban in Dusseldorf

And get this! German and Turkish FMs meet as Kurds are attacked in Dusseldorf Yep, that tells the tail I think.

ISIS needs to be eradicated like now! They can’t go away too soon! My heart and prayers going out to these people. Just horrible! Over 100 civilians massacred by ISIS near Deir ez-Zor

Ah, the poor Syrian people. This is from Human right’s watch. Russia/Syria: Deadly Airstrikes on Trapped Civilians Somehow this war can’t end to soon for these people! Of course in a fair way that will be good for all Syrians, not in a way that will make it unstable. I realize this will be difficult.

Southern Kurdistan

TheCreepingIslamizationofIraqiKurdistan This makes me very sad. While in belief I consider myself a Muslim, I do not believe in the state forcing religion on anyone. A belief in God is greatly a personal thing, and should never be pushed on anyone. You’re not helping them believe by forcing them, so it’s a matter of control, it does nothing to spread the belief you’re trying to force on someone. So that makes me west in some Muslim’s eyes, and well, I am western, I was born in the west. But that is not it at all. I have friends of all religions and would never dream to push my beliefs on them. As I would not want them to push there’s on me. I like to learn about others’ beliefs, always have loved learning of other religious and cultural practices. I am one that believes God gives us free choice. Not the state’s choice. There are other Muslims here that agree with me. And standing up for this is so important with all of these terrorists running around trying to spread this evil ideology. And what this way of thinking has done to groups that are not religious at all like atheists and minority religious groups we all know about. All you have to do is think of what ISIS has done. And groups like Al-Qaeda also believe like this. These people are no better than Nazis, sorry. I hate to see Southern Kurdistan’s people being pushed to go in this direction.


Imagine you are stateless, you belong to no country. I can’t imagine this! I guess I never really thought about how many must be in this situation. Why are so many people stateless? The Rohingya in Myanmar are the biggest group in this situation currently this article says.

The plight of the Rohingya is something else I’ve learned about being on social media. I didn’t know a thing about them until a few months ago. I did at least know some about the Kurds, not nearly what I know now, but I didn’t’ even know a thing about the Rohingya people. So horrific what is being done to them. ‘I miss them so much’: Myanmar’s lost Rohingya children plead for their parents No child should have to go through this, and especially not because of the greed of men!

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Today’s thoughts, and A bit of news from Turkey, Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.


Another article by Abdullah Bozkurt exposing Erdogan working with groups that work with rebel groups in Syria. [OPINION] Turkish charity IHH works with Turkish intelligence MIT to empower jihadists

And he has more where that came from about Erdogan’s support of Jihadi groups. [OPINION] Erdogan vigorously defends Turkish al-Qaeda group that has cells in Germany

This is an OP-ED   by Abdülhamit Bilici. Like Abdullah Bozkurt he is a Turkish journalist in exile, and both are on the Turkish government’s wanted list. So they do what they can’t in Turkey right now, and tell the world Turkey’s awful situation in exile. Abdülhamit Bilici does it here in the US, and Abdullah Bozkurt from Sweden. Turkey, a U.S. ally, muzzles the media And just to add that I don’t believe Turkey is really a US ally anymore, but ya know. Our government tells the world otherwise.

They’ll lock anyone up, often with little to no evidence, for no real reason, or They’ll fabricate a reason. Wow! Deaf And Dumb Man Imprisoned By Turkish Government Over Claims Of ‘Chanting Slogan’

Another child with her mother having to be locked up in Erdogan’s torture chambers. So that would make it 669 baby’s in Erdo’s prisons. Turkish government imprisons one more mother with her baby over links to Gülen movement

More detentions. Turkish court gives 10-year prison sentence for pro-Kurdish HDP deputy Irmak

Yep he is, and yep they should treat him as the criminal dangerous terrorist dictator he is. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a criminal. Our foreign policy should treat him as such.

Yum, I love Nutella! I don’t get it often, but it’s some yummy stuff! I was not aware that Turkey produces so many hazelnuts. Learn something new every day.  Nutella-maker Ferrero seeks to crack Turkish grip on hazelnuts

Wow, you can get arrested for having subscribed to a paper that at the time was a legal news paper in Turkey. The poor Turkish people! Turkish TV Network Executive Muhammed Büyükçingil Jailed For Subscribing To Critical Daily.

Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.

This article makes me sad, and also angry! Nothing justifies terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians, but one can understand why many hate us. But any of you out there that are not American, Have not lived among us, and may not know this, people here are really uneducated on this stuff. Most Americans know very little about what goes on in the Middle East. If it’s not affecting their daily lives, they don’t tend to care. It’s sad, but how they are. So many of the things ISIS kills innocent Americans over for example, most of these people that have died in these attacks probably didn’t know much if anything about the situation in the middle east. I wish I could help people over their understand this. The biggest tool to counter US policy in these countries, is come educate our people! They’re in bad need of it. Just think, if they knew what is really going on, maybe more of them press there government to do the right thing. Yes there will always be some selfishness in how governments do things, this is unfortunately human nature. But, if we try maybe it makes some difference. I believe it would make some difference, at least.  So here is the blog entry by Seth Frantzman that brings me to write this all. This is about the situation with the Kurds in Iraq. YOU’D THINK THE US WOULD STAND WITH KURDS, HERE’S WHY AMERICA WON’T

That’s all for today. Lord willing more tomorrow. It’d be nice to hear some good news tomorrow, wouldn’t it?

Some news for today with my over opinionated comments as usual.

Southern Kurdistan

I want to get this book when it comes out next Tuesday. The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State by NADIA MURAD

Yes, because these people definitely need to come to justice! Not so sure that many of them will, but we need to try to get as many as we can! UN: Islamic State Atrocities in Mosul Need International Justice

Yes, this should definitely be investigated! This man’s family had to watch while he was stabbed to death in cold blood! Then the criminals that did this awful murder robbed the family! Just horrific! I can’t begin to imagine how awful it was! Iraq: Investigate Killing of Kurdish Party Activist

al Qaeda

This is interesting, and scary. CIA reveals rare images of Osama bin Laden’s son


More on the Reza Zarrab case, and this links him directly to Turkey’s president Erdogan.  U.S. prosecutor says accused gold trader spoke with Turkey’s Erdogan

Selahattin Demirtaş is a Kurdish politician who is a co chair of the HDP party in Turkey. HDP stands for Peoples’ Democratic Party He has been unjustly imprisoned like many in Turkey. He’s been there for nearly a year now. I believe that year anniversary comes this month, very soon. Erdogan said publically this summer that Demirtaş is a terrorist, when there has been no trial for him yet. He’s been held for a year with no trial, yep this is justice the Erdogan way. So this article comes as no surprise. The Turkish government’s intense pressure on the judiciary The Turkish minister of justice is trying to interfere with his trial. Erdogan has decided and made it publically known he sees Selahattin Demirtaş a terrorist. He will except nothing less than imprisoning him for life. We can hope the judiciary won’t allow this, but he has it filled with his thugs, so there is little hope of this. Best thing is for Erdogan to go. That can’t happen too soon for the Turkish people I can tell you!

More detentions in Turkey. This seems to be a daily occurrence. Turkish Gov’t Detains Dozens, Issues Detention Warrants For 60 People Over Alleged Gülen Links


I’ve never read anything from the people that write this blog until tonight. But, this is interesting. And it looks pretty credible. Turkey’s Silent Al Qaeda Partner in Syria It discusses how Turkey is trying to destroy the Kurds in Syria, and how they’re drawing ever closer to Al Qaeda as Russia doesn’t do things just how they want them to.


Well, it’s getting too late here, I need to shut this computer down and get into bed. I should already be there lol. My guide dog is already sleeping on his bed under my desk. He’s the smart one hahahhaaha.

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Some news on Kurds, Turkey, Syria, Iran, and more.

there was plenty of warning. Seems common in these cases. And they blame us allowing foreigners in for it? Pay attention to the warnings! The Orlando shooter that shot up that night club and killed several people had been detained by the FBI 2 times, yes, 2 times! And, they let him go. And they blame the fact we’re letting people from Muslim countries in for this violence? Yes, we need a vetting process, that I am not against. But I am very opposed to not allowing people from those countries in. We should never close our doors! Most of these people are far from terrorist, most of them have been terrorized by the terrorists truth be told. If our system would pay attention to the warning signs better, then perhaps some of these attacks could be headed off at the pass before they even begin. No we can’t stop all of them, but we can hopefully prevent some if our law enforcement is more vigilant. I don’t know exactly what they knew, but this article alludes to them thinking there were signs this man was going down this path for some years. I’m sure more will come out about him in the following days. But other innocent immigrants should not have to pay the price for this terrorist’s acts! Driver in Manhattan Attack Had Been Planning for Weeks, Police Say

When I first heard he tweeted this, my first words to a friend were “why can’t he ever keep his mouth shut.” Not saying I disagree with him, but he should not have said that. This article explains how the defense can use this and claim this man can’t get a fair trial since the president of our country said this. And it also says presidents are advised never to comment on a case before it goes to trial. And Trump did, ugh! Trump Declares Suspect ‘Should Get Death Penalty’

Countries using Interpol to get there political opponents. Turkey is a big one for doing this, but other countries do it too. This article talks about it. Something surely needs to be done about this. Literally this is destroying innocent people’s lives. INTERPOL: The abuse of red notices bad news for critical journalists

They are locking up the educated in Turkey. Well they are locking up many and it’s ongoing. But I think from things I’ve read that Erdogan feels threatened by the educated. Report: Turkish government keeps more than 70,000 students in prisons

Many think Erdogan staged the coup Turkey had July 15th 2016 so he could have a reason to oppress his people and consolidate total power over Turkey. When you read things like this article describes, it would lead one to think this is the case. I can’t prove it of course, but I think he created the coup. From all I’ve read, and the things coming out in trials, yep I think Erdogan is the one that is responsible for that coup, not Gulen or any other group. Just Erdogan and his thugs. Turkish secret witness not recognize any of 145 defendants whom he accused of having Gülen links

As a visually impaired person myself, I can understand that this may be really bad for this guy. It’s just awful in those prisons for everyone, and being disabled I imagine it may be a little more difficult in certain areas. Visually impaired Turkish journalist’s letter shows he can barely survive in prison

Imagine you’re traveling somewhere and you must pass through Turkey. When you’re in the Istanbul airport they detain you, and you do not speak Turkish so you don’t know what they’re saying to you, and you don’t even know why you’re being detained. This is the case for this couple from Rojava. This makes me mad! They should not be allowed to just detain people going through there airport like that! Rojavan elderly couple suffer 12 days in custody in Turkey and they’re still there and don’t know why! I’m sure something  to do with being Kurdish and from Rojava. But still they do not know the charges against them.

And people want to know why the PKK exists? Over 15 thousand rights violations in Kurdish cities in 9 months 

“I used to dream of death”: can Syria’s torture victims hold the regime to account? Wow! This sounds awful. But I doubt they are ever held to account. Russia will make sure it doesn’t happen. But for the victims sake, hopefully I am wrong.

The poor people in Iran! This is absolutely ridiculous! Iran Arrests 17 people at mixed-gender party

Kobane a Kurdish city in Northern Syria was brutally attacked by ISIS. They got them out, but it was bad! Many lost there lives getting them out. It happened 3 years ago in 2014. I wasn’t really paying attention to those events at that time, wish I had been. The Kurds, our biggest allies fighting ISIS. 1 November celebrations start in Kobanê

Journalists do have such a hard job, not only can it be difficult for them, but it can be one of the most dangerous jobs too. Political leaders must end demonization of journalists to stop increased attacks – UN experts

That’s all for today. Enough of my big mouth for now lol.

Writing about some events going on in this crazy world.

If you would like to know more about the political project going on in Northern Syria (this is on youtube). I hope they can get this. It is really a good thing in my view. This is quite interesting with a lot of info about the struggles they’re facing in doing what the people there desire. ROJAVA: A Utopia in the Heart of Syria’s Chaos

I think this is neat. Democracy at work, this is a good thing for northern Syria. Local radio station uses airwaves to fight extremism in northern Syria

These people are so brave. This woman was I know. Many like her in the YPJ, which stands for the women’s defense units are much like her, and amazing in my view. In memory of Arin Mirkan…

This is so sad! Sad really doesn’t begin to describe it, but anyway. We need to know about these things, even if it is hard to read about. The poor people of Syria. A Syrian baby starves in a Damascus suburb. Doctors say more deaths will follow.

Iran says and it’s stated in this article they have no desire to seek nuclear weapons, they want to just use that technology for civilian use. Yeah right! I don’t think many people believe that. Anyway, they’re letting us know publically they can strike our forces in the region. I am sure the US government and military were fully aware of this, but here is some tough talk from Iran. Iran says no need to increase missile range as can already hit U.S. forces

Reza Zarrab is a  business person (this article says he’s a gold trader) that has worked with Erdogan, and is in trouble for corruption here in the states. It’s believed to be linked to Erdogan and his own family. Erdogan wants Zarrab let go and allowed to go back to Turkey. He doesn’t want this man to spill the beans on his family, of course. I don’t know all the details of this case, but if what this article says turns out to be true, Erdogan will be an extremely unhappy man, that much I do know. Signs of Possible Guilty Plea in Turkish Gold Trader Case

And before I close, awful that act of terrorism that killed 8 and injured others here in New York! My thoughts and prayers going out to the loved ones of those involved.

It is getting late here, I need to get into bed. So I’ll close for now.

Some news for today and my comments. Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey

Another excellent article by Abdullah Bozkurt About US Turkey cooperation in law enforcement, like terrorism stuff and such. [OPINION] Rupture in US Turkey cooperation on law enforcement

Erdogan is destroying lives in Turkey. Cases like this that are so sad! I’ll post them when I see them, as I believe the world needs to know. My heart and prayers go out to these people suffering in Turkish prisons unjustly. Turkish Page Designer, Artist Babür Boysal Faces Over 20-Year Jail Over Baseless Complaint 

Journalists just doing there job getting arrested in Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkish journalist Ufuk Şanlı in jail for his tweet about pro-gov’t businessman 

More purges in Turkey. Erdogan obviously wants only his staunchest allies in positions of power in his Turkey. things getting more and more oppressive in Turkey by the day. Very tragic. Turkish Mayor Says Forced to Quit After Threats to Family

Erdogan carrying out his plan to get rid of all opposition in Turkey. CHP: 12 journalists detained, 4 arrested, 11 imprisoned in Turkey in October

Imagine you are locked up in solitary confinement for a year, they won’t even le you read a book! This is happening to so many people in Turkey these days, and for some it is driving them crazy, probably literally. There are no words. I know I can’t imagine it and how awful it would be. Jailed judge in solitary confinement in Turkey facing severe psychological problems

This is a town being destroyed by the Turks. You can read about it at this site. But it is a historical place, been around for a very long time. Sad to see this is continuing to go on. Destruction Accelerates in Hasankeyf and the Tigris Basin

The poor people of Syria. They’ve been through more than any people should ever have to endure in these last over 6 years. Sadly they’ll probably never find most of these people. Where are Raqqa’s missing? Families of thousands captured by Isil on a mission to find out their fate

It makes me so sad reading about Southern Kurdistan these days. Massoud Barzani had a real close relationship with Turkey when he was president of the KRG. Now Turkey is doing what shouldn’t be shocking to anyone knowing history and turned on the Kurds. Erdogan has worked with these people to get oil from them, and gain favor with some of the Kurdish voters in past Turkish elections. Oh and we can’t forget, to use the kurds of southern Kurdistan against the PKK. But he is quite anti Kurd, and hard telling if they’ll rekindle this relationship they once had with the KRG in the foreseeable future or not. This article explains some on it. Ankara still frosty toward KRG as Barzani exits

This happened in southern Kurdistan as well. How sad. How terrifying and awful for his family! Kurdish cameraman knifed to death in Daquq, Kirkuk

I hate to see Kurds fighting one another like this. But the want to keep power for some of these Kurdish politicians in southern Kurdistan drives them to not do what’s good for Kurds, and instead do what’s good for themselves I suppose. So sad, and this poor guy! LAWMAKER SAYS HE WAS TORTURED BY GROUP INSIDE KURDISTAN PARLIAMENT

I so admire these people. They didn’t have to risk there lives to fight them, but they put their lives on the line (some of them losing there lives) to fight and stop ISIS. Inside the lives of civilian volunteers fighting Islamic State

Well, that’ll be it for now. These are some things I saw today that I thought were interesting, and decided to give my 2 scents on lol.