Some news on Kurds, Turkey, Syria, Iran, and more.

there was plenty of warning. Seems common in these cases. And they blame us allowing foreigners in for it? Pay attention to the warnings! The Orlando shooter that shot up that night club and killed several people had been detained by the FBI 2 times, yes, 2 times! And, they let him go. And they blame the fact we’re letting people from Muslim countries in for this violence? Yes, we need a vetting process, that I am not against. But I am very opposed to not allowing people from those countries in. We should never close our doors! Most of these people are far from terrorist, most of them have been terrorized by the terrorists truth be told. If our system would pay attention to the warning signs better, then perhaps some of these attacks could be headed off at the pass before they even begin. No we can’t stop all of them, but we can hopefully prevent some if our law enforcement is more vigilant. I don’t know exactly what they knew, but this article alludes to them thinking there were signs this man was going down this path for some years. I’m sure more will come out about him in the following days. But other innocent immigrants should not have to pay the price for this terrorist’s acts! Driver in Manhattan Attack Had Been Planning for Weeks, Police Say

When I first heard he tweeted this, my first words to a friend were “why can’t he ever keep his mouth shut.” Not saying I disagree with him, but he should not have said that. This article explains how the defense can use this and claim this man can’t get a fair trial since the president of our country said this. And it also says presidents are advised never to comment on a case before it goes to trial. And Trump did, ugh! Trump Declares Suspect ‘Should Get Death Penalty’

Countries using Interpol to get there political opponents. Turkey is a big one for doing this, but other countries do it too. This article talks about it. Something surely needs to be done about this. Literally this is destroying innocent people’s lives. INTERPOL: The abuse of red notices bad news for critical journalists

They are locking up the educated in Turkey. Well they are locking up many and it’s ongoing. But I think from things I’ve read that Erdogan feels threatened by the educated. Report: Turkish government keeps more than 70,000 students in prisons

Many think Erdogan staged the coup Turkey had July 15th 2016 so he could have a reason to oppress his people and consolidate total power over Turkey. When you read things like this article describes, it would lead one to think this is the case. I can’t prove it of course, but I think he created the coup. From all I’ve read, and the things coming out in trials, yep I think Erdogan is the one that is responsible for that coup, not Gulen or any other group. Just Erdogan and his thugs. Turkish secret witness not recognize any of 145 defendants whom he accused of having Gülen links

As a visually impaired person myself, I can understand that this may be really bad for this guy. It’s just awful in those prisons for everyone, and being disabled I imagine it may be a little more difficult in certain areas. Visually impaired Turkish journalist’s letter shows he can barely survive in prison

Imagine you’re traveling somewhere and you must pass through Turkey. When you’re in the Istanbul airport they detain you, and you do not speak Turkish so you don’t know what they’re saying to you, and you don’t even know why you’re being detained. This is the case for this couple from Rojava. This makes me mad! They should not be allowed to just detain people going through there airport like that! Rojavan elderly couple suffer 12 days in custody in Turkey and they’re still there and don’t know why! I’m sure something  to do with being Kurdish and from Rojava. But still they do not know the charges against them.

And people want to know why the PKK exists? Over 15 thousand rights violations in Kurdish cities in 9 months 

“I used to dream of death”: can Syria’s torture victims hold the regime to account? Wow! This sounds awful. But I doubt they are ever held to account. Russia will make sure it doesn’t happen. But for the victims sake, hopefully I am wrong.

The poor people in Iran! This is absolutely ridiculous! Iran Arrests 17 people at mixed-gender party

Kobane a Kurdish city in Northern Syria was brutally attacked by ISIS. They got them out, but it was bad! Many lost there lives getting them out. It happened 3 years ago in 2014. I wasn’t really paying attention to those events at that time, wish I had been. The Kurds, our biggest allies fighting ISIS. 1 November celebrations start in Kobanê

Journalists do have such a hard job, not only can it be difficult for them, but it can be one of the most dangerous jobs too. Political leaders must end demonization of journalists to stop increased attacks – UN experts

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