Today’s thoughts, and A bit of news from Turkey, Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.


Another article by Abdullah Bozkurt exposing Erdogan working with groups that work with rebel groups in Syria. [OPINION] Turkish charity IHH works with Turkish intelligence MIT to empower jihadists

And he has more where that came from about Erdogan’s support of Jihadi groups. [OPINION] Erdogan vigorously defends Turkish al-Qaeda group that has cells in Germany

This is an OP-ED   by Abdülhamit Bilici. Like Abdullah Bozkurt he is a Turkish journalist in exile, and both are on the Turkish government’s wanted list. So they do what they can’t in Turkey right now, and tell the world Turkey’s awful situation in exile. Abdülhamit Bilici does it here in the US, and Abdullah Bozkurt from Sweden. Turkey, a U.S. ally, muzzles the media And just to add that I don’t believe Turkey is really a US ally anymore, but ya know. Our government tells the world otherwise.

They’ll lock anyone up, often with little to no evidence, for no real reason, or They’ll fabricate a reason. Wow! Deaf And Dumb Man Imprisoned By Turkish Government Over Claims Of ‘Chanting Slogan’

Another child with her mother having to be locked up in Erdogan’s torture chambers. So that would make it 669 baby’s in Erdo’s prisons. Turkish government imprisons one more mother with her baby over links to Gülen movement

More detentions. Turkish court gives 10-year prison sentence for pro-Kurdish HDP deputy Irmak

Yep he is, and yep they should treat him as the criminal dangerous terrorist dictator he is. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a criminal. Our foreign policy should treat him as such.

Yum, I love Nutella! I don’t get it often, but it’s some yummy stuff! I was not aware that Turkey produces so many hazelnuts. Learn something new every day.  Nutella-maker Ferrero seeks to crack Turkish grip on hazelnuts

Wow, you can get arrested for having subscribed to a paper that at the time was a legal news paper in Turkey. The poor Turkish people! Turkish TV Network Executive Muhammed Büyükçingil Jailed For Subscribing To Critical Daily.

Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.

This article makes me sad, and also angry! Nothing justifies terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians, but one can understand why many hate us. But any of you out there that are not American, Have not lived among us, and may not know this, people here are really uneducated on this stuff. Most Americans know very little about what goes on in the Middle East. If it’s not affecting their daily lives, they don’t tend to care. It’s sad, but how they are. So many of the things ISIS kills innocent Americans over for example, most of these people that have died in these attacks probably didn’t know much if anything about the situation in the middle east. I wish I could help people over their understand this. The biggest tool to counter US policy in these countries, is come educate our people! They’re in bad need of it. Just think, if they knew what is really going on, maybe more of them press there government to do the right thing. Yes there will always be some selfishness in how governments do things, this is unfortunately human nature. But, if we try maybe it makes some difference. I believe it would make some difference, at least.  So here is the blog entry by Seth Frantzman that brings me to write this all. This is about the situation with the Kurds in Iraq. YOU’D THINK THE US WOULD STAND WITH KURDS, HERE’S WHY AMERICA WON’T

That’s all for today. Lord willing more tomorrow. It’d be nice to hear some good news tomorrow, wouldn’t it?

Some news with a few comments from me in there.

This is how bad Turkey has gotten!
Erdogan’s Obsession With Killing Kurds Could Necessitate a US-Russia Alliance in Syria

Oh now this is so sad! I can’t imagine sucha life!
How are displaced Iraqis faring in Syria’s camps?

I have some friends I’ve tried pointing this out to! But people here, well a lot of Americans just don’t get it!
Muslims main victims of terrorism, says Italian President Sergio Mattarella

Good article pointing out why Erdogan is no ally of the US! And can not be trusted!!
7 Reasons Trump Shouldn’t Trust Turkey’s Autocratic Leader Erdogan

The knowledge that social media gives me is why I love it so much! Yes we have to watch our sources like anything else, but I learn so much from the people out here! So tonight I learned about a journalist who is unfortunately not with us anymore named Serena Shim.
Justice for Serena Shim | We will never forget Serena Shim

No people have gone through more than the Yazidis have at the hands of ISIS!
Nadia Murad’s full remarks on ISIS accountability before the United Nations

Some news of interest.

A couple of items I want to put in here from ARA news

Getting closer to liberating the people of Raqqa from ISIS!
Syrian Democratic Forces seize more ground eastern Raqqa amidst ISIS decline

Okay, this explains the situation in manbij better to me.
Manbij Military Council denies handing over areas to Assad

These poor people, I just can’t Imagine!
Rojava receives 17,000 Iraqi refugees as fight in Western Mosul intensifies

More on the Mosul situation.
Over 200,000 Iraqis Displaced Since Mosul Op Onset: Report

The poor people in and around Aleppo! When does this end? Only God knows, but, awful!
Over 65,000 civilians displaced by recent violence in Syria’s Aleppo

Glad he’s okay! I read about this on twitter yesterday not long after it happened. I later heard that he was found by the Turks. Glad he’s alive! I hope Turkey will give him back to the Syrians when he’s well enough!
Crashed Syrian plane’s pilot in Turkish hospital

I’ve heard of things like this happening. I’ve even read some join ISIS because there hungry and ISIS offers them a job and means of survival. I wonder how often it happens that men join a rebel group just so there families can survive.
Former Aleppo militants now fighting with the Syrian Army against terrorist forces

More of pushing out ISIS rats!
Syrian army takes more villages from militants in northwest Syria

It’s just a little after 4 here. I still gotta take out Hairy dog and brush my and his teeth before bed. I won’t be in bed until nearly 5, that’s so bad! On Saturday nights I skype with friends and listen to a radio show until late and that always messes me up! But I’ve not been on the best schedule lately anyways. So off to bed. That’s the news I’ve found today. Enough out of me for tonight lol!